Spanish Adventures


As mentioned before, I just graduated university, and in order to celebrate that accordingly, some friends and me decided to rent a car and explore the South of Spain. I loved every minute of it, which is why I wanted to share some of the thoughts we had during the journey with you.

Monkeys are mean.


Ok, I might be slightly prejudiced on this one since I’ve been attacked by monkeys before, but just look at its face! Doesn’t it look like the villain from the next James Bond movie? Yes, their babies are kinda cute, and no, this time we we were not attacked, but I will continue to keep my safety distance.

Spaniards have a different way of driving. 


Parking in the middle of a traffic junction? No problem – just use your hazard lights and you’re good to go (or stay, more fittingly). A roundabout in Spain does not have to be round. It can also be a straight street with a roundabout around it. And be prepared for traffic lights. A lot of them. Like – a traffic light 2 metres after the last one. I think buying traffic lights might have been one of the reasons for Spain’s economic crisis. At least they care about their butterflies.


Tarifa Beach

Tarifa - Africa

By far the most amazing beach we’ve been to. It’s incredibly long, the sea is the most beautiful blue and due to the continuous winds, it never gets as hot as on many other beaches. A lot of people are kite surfing along the coastline, so you’ll get to see a variations of wonderfully colourfully kites. And if you get closer to the town, you’ll see the coastline of Africa, which is pretty amazing too.

Potatoes? Again?

La Ninfa

Spanish tapas are amazing. They only have one flaw – potatoes. We tried our best to order different tapas every night, but out of four tapas ordered, at least two of them had potatoes in them. Don’t get me wrong, I like potatoes, but eating them every day for a week for lunch and dinner is just too much. Which is why we had to try out more adventurous things – don’t miss out on black paella, it’s one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten in my life. Caracoles are pretty amazing too, just don’t look them in the face for too long.

I never want to leave!

sleeping monkey

Once we got used to siesta, having dinner at midnight and the constant sunshine (yeah, you guessed right, that was the worst), all we really wanted to do was stay.

DSC00182 DSC00259 DSC00281


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