Pick Me Up

Everybody has got up and down days, it’s a natural thing to happen. But other than some people, I kind of like my down days (when they don’t happen too often). I learned to use them to have some me time and like to treat myself with things I don’t normally do. I realized that doing this made me happy again way faster than forcing myself to be productive and not getting anything done anyway. Since I like to read what other people do in their (un)happiness, I thought I’d share my favourite things with you.

The first thing I like to do is have a proper dance off. I always like to dance (although I look like Bambi shaking her hips), but as learned in Grey’s Anatomy, it also is a great way to get over something, or someone on that matter. You can use whichever music you like, but just to give you an impression, I like to shake it off to the “Latin Dance” Playlist on Spotify. So now get inspiration from Meredith and Cristina and start dancing!

Something else that always helps me is a big cup of hot chocolate, best if topped with marshmallows. Nothing is better than something sweet on your lips, no matter if you enjoy it at home or in a coffee house with some friends. Cheers!


Lastly, as mentioned before, I like to have some me time when I’m feeling down. While some people love to indulge in a bath, I love to grab a blanket and sit in bed or on the sofa all day. To keep myself entertained, I enjoy either reading a book or magazines, or (my guilty pleasure) watch Youtube for hours. My favourites are the big British Youtubers, especially Zoella and Niomi Smart.


So now let’s all grab a lovely cup of cocoa and enjoy the evening!


What do you think?

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