Berry Lips

After the most amazing summer I ever got to experience in Austria (well, at least weather-wise), it starts getting colder and colder. While most  people still are fine with rocking a light jumper, constantly freezing persons like me have to resign ourselves to unpacking our autumn/winter collection. Don’t get me wrong, I really like these seasons, but it always takes me some time to accept the fact that my beloved summer dresses have to stay in my cupboard for a while. I did, however find one thing that eases the transition enormously.

Berry Much by Maybelline

The Maybelline New York Colour Drama – Berry Much

Lip Crayons have been around for quite a while. I personally love them since they allow make-up wise rather untalented people like me to still look put-together. Additionally, you can layer it up or easily just put it on some parts of the lips only and smudge it afterwards and by that, decide yourself how intense you want the colour to be.


Berry Much Sample

As you can see above, the lip colour is a beautiful dark berry, so it’s perfect for autumn and winter season. It feels nicely when put on the lips, however, it does make the lips feel dry after a while so I would highly recommend using lip balm beforehand. Also, it stays on your lips for a whole evening, so you don’t have to worry about re-applying it every five seconds. Plus – it’s perfect to draw on someone else’s hand, nose or any other body part to make them also feel nice and autumnal. ;)


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