Some days ago, I finally found time to see Mary Poppins – The Musical. I’ve heard so much about it before, everyone who saw it was utterly excited about it and I love the movies (yes, both versions – although now that I wrote that, I’m pretty sure that there’s even more, so sorry to every version I haven’t seen yet – I’ll make up for it). So it was obvious that I had to see it.


chimney sweepers
© Vereinigte Bühnen Wien


The evening itself did not start off perfect for me. My friend told me beforehand that he was going to be late, so I decided to grab something to eat first and then slowly walk to the venue, which I believed to be nearby. I did however not keep in mind that there are two rather renowned theatres showing musicals in Vienna, and well, I ended up in front of the wrong one. I even ignored the “Mozart” flags all around the building, only to find myself desperately looking at a locked door, doubting myself and my memory of remembering schedules. After a desperate call to my friend, I hopped onto the subway and actually managed to be at the Ronacher at the same time as he – what a lucky coincidence. (:




Once the musical started, I was blown away. I hadn’t seen the movies in way too long, and I forgot how happy they make you feel. The production is incredibly colourful, the actors are amazing and the children are just gorgeous. No matter how horrible your day was, I am sure that the dancing and the cheerful storyline will make smile on your way home (and lead to an animated discussion about the correct spelling of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – had to google that one).


© Vereinigte Bühnen Wien


All in all I can only recommend Mary Poppins – The Musical to everyone. I’m now off to watch the movie again – join me in the chorus of supercalifragisticexpiali… – you know what I mean.


PS: If you wonder why I didn’t use my own pictures – you shouldn’t record or take pictures of the show, and I prefer to just watch it and enjoy anyway.


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