General Update

Hello Again!

I know it’s been a long time since I last posted something, and also that I’m pretty much the worst person ever when it comes to posting frequently.

When I started this blog, I had just finished university and had the greatest plans about this thing like posting at least twice a week. Well, this didn’t happen. And it used to bother me quite constantly, but you know what? Life happens, I got a job and which keeps me pretty busy and when I’m off, I actually enjoy meeting my friends and doing stuff (which I always plan to write about  later on, which never happens).

Long story short – I really enjoy writing from time to time, and if one or two persons stumble across my ramblings by accident and enjoy what they read, that makes me very happy – but please don’t expect any regular updates, since that would only lead to you feeling let down, and I really do want to avoid that.

However, if you do like what you read – please feel free to subscribe and leave me a little note – I do love to hear from new people.



What do you think?

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