What’s in my Handbag (Work Edition)

I am a nosy person. And as a nosy person, I like to know as much as possible about people. And I know it’s a cliché, but I really think that you can learn a lot about a person based on the content of his or her (hand)bag. That’s probably why I’m highly interested into what other people carry around on a day-to-day basis. And since maybe you share this – well, let’s call it an interest – I’m going to show you my bag today.


This is it – this is my bag. I purchased it quite recently, because the bag I used before was huge and had probably about 10 kg,which was very bad for my back. I really like it. It has a long strap to put on your shoulder or two short ones to carry it around like a real lady. It’s not massive, but it still allows me to put in everything I need. Plus – it was really cheap!

But now let’s get to the exciting part. 


A bag
A bag in a bag! I like to carry this one with me, since it takes up basically no space at all, and I don’t have to get plastic bags when going grocery shopping after work – you know, environment and stuff.

Mango Chips
I’ll be honest with you – they only are in there because I bought them for lunch the other day and really did not like them. So after letting them rot in the office for a few days, I decided to take them hope and hope someone else enjoys them more than I do. But honestly – who deep-fries mangos? Poor fruits.

My Sunglasses
Bought them this spring, can’t remember where but still love them! They are pretty big and cat-shaped, so I always feel like a 60s (or maybe 70s) movie star when wearing them.

A bottle of Water
I know, I told you about the environment before, and then I’m carrying a plastic bottle with me. To my defence, I’ve been looking for a 0,5 l glass bottle for the last two months, but they seem to have run out everywhere I go. So, if you have any tips to change this – let me know.

A Book
I commute between an hour and an hour and a half everyday (wow, written down it sounds even more annoying than it already is). That’s why I like to keep something to read in my bag. I like this book, although it definitely isn’t a Shakespeare. If you like cheesy stories, you’ll like it.


My Purse
Again, a rather recent purchase. I used to have a really cool one by Urban Outfitters, which got stolen, and the replacement was way to big for most of my bags, so I got this one. It took me about forever to find one which had the right size and compartments, and I have to admit – I’m still very happy with my purchase. It’s by Mango and the last time I was there they still had it, so check it out!

I don’t really wear perfume, but when I’m meeting my friends after work, I don’t really appreciate smelling like I’ve been sitting in an office all day either. This one does the job perfectly, although it’s pretty heavy for it’s size. It’s plane suitable though.

Hand Sanitizer
Everyone who has ever been to a public restroom knows why I carry this around with me. Plus, it’s great to clean your phone with from time to time.

I’m not really a chewing gum kind of person, in my opinion, they lose their taste way too fast and then you’re stuck with it forever, because of course – there’s no garbage bin around when you need it. That’s why I prefer my mints – same effect, but much easier to handle.

An Umbrella
Now this one’s has got a story – shortly after I’ve moved to Vienna, there was a week where it rained constantly. And of course, I forgot to pack an umbrella when moving. So I was on a constant hunt for umbrellas. After three days of searching, I finally found this ridiculously overpriced version, which, at this point, didn’t matter to me because I just wanted my search to be over, so I bought it. And guess what – the second I had it, it stopped raining. And since then, I find umbrellas in basically every shop I go to. At least I stay dry while being annoyed about it.

I can never be bothered to re-apply make up properly when being out and about, so whenever I feel like my face became all shiny and oily, I simply apply this wherever I am and feel so much better afterwards. This one by essence is see-through (unless you apply too much, then it’s white, but with being as pale as I am, that works better than most make up anyway) and can also be used to set your make up. At least that’s what it was originally made for.

Painkillers. Also help against colds. I don’t really take them unless I feel like I’m about to die, but in case this ever happens, I want to be prepared. Although, I’ve probably given away more of these than taken myself, since somehow, there’s always someone with a headache.

Lip Scrub
This is probably my favourite thing inside my bag. I got it last year, it’s by Lush and is (in combination with the next item) the first thing that helps preventing my lips from drying out completely in winter time. I use it whenever my lips start feeling chapped, and it usually works within hours. And it smells and tastes awesome.

Lip Balm
I love it! It smells like mangos, is by Blistex and works so much better than every Labello I’ve had in my life. Not much more to say about it though.


And that’s it. Hope you enjoyed this slightly longer post, and I’ll see you again soon.



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