Hello again everybody,

Well, somehow I just cannot think of a proper start for this post, so let’s get right into it. I like looking for new clothes, home decor or just random things. I just not always like to buy everything I like because it wouldn’t fit in my room (there’s only so much decoration you can cram in a room before it looking messy rather than pretty), it does not fit my body type or I just would not know where to wear it too.

I want to use this list as a way of remembering these things, so if one day I change my mind and actually want to buy them – a girl can dream (or move), you know, it’s easier to find them again. Plus, I hope it will become a source of inspiration for all of you too.

ikea candle holder skurar
© Ikea

Candle Holder – Ikea
I love candles! So I’m always on the hunt for a pretty candle/candle holder. And I do love this one. I think it’s just soo pretty. Unfortunately, the white does not go with my room at all. But don’t feel bad for me – I got the grey one as a replacement. ;)


essie nail polish chocolate cake
© essie

Chocolate Cakes Nail Polish – essie
Ages ago, I got to use this beautiful nail polish – and it was the first nail polish since a long time which I really liked on my nails. It is a slightly reddish brown, very chocolatey and just such a pretty colour. Due to its subtle colour, it goes with basically every autumn/winter outfit, and while having it on I just could not stop looking at my nails. The only reason I have not bought it yet is that I can never be bothered with doing my nails, so the poor thing would probably only end up in the shelf without ever being looked at.


H&M green dress
© H&M

Green Fringe Dress – H&M
I’m going to be honest with you – I tried this on as a joke – I thought it looked like a peacock. But since wearing it, I cannot stop thinking about it. This dress is one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. It feels very laidback and cosy while looking very sophisticated and christmasy due do its colour. Still considering whether I should just use my company’s christmas party as an excuse to buy it. And let’s be honest with ourselves, I probably will.


Converse burgundyblack
© Converse

Burgundy/Black Sneakers – Converse
Converse – an all time classic. I think there are only little people between 15-30 who have not owned at least one pair at some point. I like these because they are a little more exciting that the classic ones in a plain colour. Reason I don’t own them yet is that I can’t find them in any store and I somehow can’t be bothered to go through the process of picking up a parcel and returning it to the post office afterwards (don’t know my size anymore). If you live in the middle of nowhere – and by that, I mean the outer districts of Vienna, you’ll understand my struggle.


thelittleboysroom christmas tree

Snowy Rope Ladder Christmas Tree With Pom Poms – thelittleboysroom
What would be a post in December without some kind of Christmas reference? I love Christmas, but I don’t like having a christmas tree in my room before December 24. It’s the Austrian way of handling it, and I like our tradition of decorating the tree together on Christmas eve. This however is the perfect way of having a little christmas decoration without it being too cheesy. Unfortunately, there’s the no-space-in-my-room problem, so I won’t buy it (very sad face). But don’t you love the pom poms? And by the way, I did not make up the name, that’s the official one.


Do you have any items you constantly consider whether to buy them or not? Let me know!

Hope you all have a great week!



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