Feeling Festive

Disclaimer: I am not a magic elf and unfortunately cannot make you become one either. However, I will do my best with this post to make even the grouchiest grinch feel at least slightly less unhappy.

A Guide to Feeling Festive

Before starting to read this post,  turn on some very christmassy music. Music for me is very much deciding on the mood I am in, so putting on some festive songs is the easiest way to get in the right spirit. Since I only can stand the classic pop christmas songs (i.e. Last Christmas and All I want for Christmas) up to a certain point, I strongly recommend you the Spotify-Playlist “Nie wieder Last Christmas!”. It’s by Spotify Germany (no they did not sponsor me :D), but I really like the songs – very calming.

A Guide to Feeling Festive

Last year during Christmas time, I was the most stressed person on the planet. I had to write my dissertation, pass about 20 exams and in the meanwhile figure out my future, which, surprisingly, was not as easy as I thought it would be. Therefore, this year I really decided to make an effort to make up for last year and get into the spirit. And since I spent the weekend back home with my parents, I decided to sneakily take pictures of my mum’s decoration and show you here – so thanks mum!


I think when you live in an European city, it’s very hard to escape Christmas when wandering around the streets. There’s gorgeous lights everywhere, and you can hear Christmas music out of basically every shop. I really like Vienna during this time of the year  since there are so many Christmas markets around (my personal favourites are Spittelberg and Schönbrunn, just so you know) and everything somehow looks much more polished and shiny. However, if you live somewhere a little more secluded, it might be harder to switch to Christmas mode. I do nonetheless think that putting on some festive decoration will lighten up your mood a lot!

A Guide to Feeling Festive

While I was living in Asia, these days in December were the days which it felt the weirdest not being home with my parents. Even though Hong Kong is very westernised compared to most Asian cities, Christmas is just not the same. I spent a lot of time in shopping malls during that time of the years, simply because there was Christmas music and huge Christmas trees. This made me miss home slightly less.

A Guide to Feeling Festive

So this year, I really want to enjoy Christmas time as much as possible, and surprisingly, it works not to bad until now. The only thing that stressed me slightly that I still don’t know what to get most people for Christmas, so if you have any fantastic gift ideas for brothers or friends – please share them with me, I am starting to feel slightly desperate.

A Guide to Feeling Festive

Sorry if this post was a little rambling, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, because why not. And lastly – how cute are these little midgets on the last picture? I love them!





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