Pear-Ginger Hot Drink

As I mentioned, I spent my last weekend at my parents‘ house, and as usual, I now return to Vienna well fed and happy. While being there, my dad made this fantastic pear-ginger tea (or hot drink, I’m not quite sure about the proper definition of a tea), I wanted to share the recipe with you. Since my dad improvises as he cooks rather than using measurements, I’m going to tell you the approximate amount he used, but I can’t tell you the exact grams of everything. But just do whatever you feel like, that’s the more fun way anyways!



10 pears – the sweeter the better in my opinion, but use whichever ones you like
1 ginger root
2 oranges
2 litres of water


As mentioned before, these ingredients are a suggestion – use how much of anything as you wish.



Firstly, you want to peel and half the pears. Then basically get rid of everything on/in there you do not want to eat. Then, you peel the ginger and cut it into rather small pieces. In the meanwhile, you can get the water boiling. As soon as this is happening, you add the pears, the ginger and the spices and let it simmer for about ten minutes. Stir from time to time, just to avoid anything sticking to the bottom of your pot. Then you add the orange juice and let it simmer until the pears are soft (depends heavily on your type of pear, mine took another five minutes). Try not to overcook it, otherwise you’ll get a lovely pulp.

Et voila – that’s it! You can now drink the tea and – as a by-product – enjoy some lovely, wintery pears! Nothing heats you up better on a cold day.


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