Vanillekipferl (a.k.a. the best Christmas biscuits ever)

I admit it – way too many Christmas parties, Christmas markets and other celebratory gatherings led to me losing my Christmas spirit. Although I really tried my best to keep the spirit this year, I failed miserably, got stressed and bought all presents last minute. However, before heading home to spend the holidays with my family, I want to share this recipe with you. Maybe this makes me feel more festive again as well.


At the beginning of December, I used a bank holiday to have the perfect wintery day – after a nice sleep-in and too much breakfast I met with some friends to go ice-skating, have dinner and bake some lovely Austrian biscuits. Since we didn’t know the recipe by heart (shame on us, bet most people do) we based our version on this one.



1 vanilla pod
30 grams icing sugar
150 grams plain flour (or cake flour, but we didn’t have that at home at the cookies turned out fine)
50 grams ground nuts (we chose 20 grams almonds and 30 grams hazelnuts, but it’s up to you)
125 grams butter
Icing sugar to toss the cookies in



As pre-preparation, you want to put the vanilla pod into your icing sugar – minimum 24 hours before baking, but the longer, the better. It makes your sugar taste extra-sweet, and I’ve started putting one vanilla pod in every pack of icing sugar I buy because I prefer the aroma. But don’t worry, if you have not done that, just add 10 grams of icing sugar and a pack of vanilla sugar, and you’re good to go.

When preparing Vanillekipferl you’ll have to get your hands dirty, so make sure they are nicely washed before touching any food. As soon as you’ve done this, put the sugar, flour, nuts and butter on your counter top and knead all of the ingredients together until you have a lovely, even dough. That was always my favourite part as a child, and I still enjoy it way too much for a 21 year old. Afterwards, put it in cling wrap and store it in the fridge for at least 40 minutes.


As soon as this is done, you want to form  a roll with about 3 cm diameter. Then, you want to cut this roll in about 1 cm wide pieces, form rolls again and make them look like little moons. You want to try to have the ends thinner than the middle part  – which we failed miserably at. Place them on a tray and put them in the oven at 160°C for 20 minutes or until you have the feeling they are baked – ours were slightly overweight and needed nearly 40 minutes. As soon as you take the cookies out of the oven, you want to toss them in icing sugar, and then you’re ready to munch away.


I have to admit, I’m very proud of us for managing that well. Although they turned out a little bigger than they are supposed to be, they tasted amazing and all of them were gone within a week. I hope you soon enjoy some typical Austrian Kekserl too!

Merry Christmas, and I hope all of you enjoy the next days very much!

xx, K (:


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