Beauty Best of 2015

What is the best thing to do on the first day of January? In my opinion, there’s nothing better than writing/reading as many last year’s favourite as possible while staying in bed for as long as somehow possible – so without further ado – here’s mine.

Beauty Best of 2015

Skincare Organic Mint, Zinc & Salycyclic Acid Pore Refining Moisturising Fluid – Lavera
My face is very picky when it comes to the products I put on it – if it doesnt like it, it becomes ridiculously greasy, no matter what I do. Plus – whenever I move, I can’t use my usual products anymore (don’t know if it’s psychological or not, but my skin always goes CRAZY!). So when I moved to Vienna, as expected, my skin went wild and I went on the hunt for something that would calm it down. After some desperate weeks, I tried this and never stopped using it. I recently bought myself a new bottle and had to realize that they changed the formula – it’s relatively thick now – but my skin surprisingly didn’t mind. The only thing you might not like about it is it’s smell – I find it very refreshing, one of my friends despises it. I also highly recommend it if you have rather large pores, as I have the feeling that they look smaller, at least immediately after using the product.

Shampoo Argan Oil of Morocco – ogc
Firstly, I want to shortly describe you my hair – it’s rather fine, slightly wavy and has good days and bad days. Due to it being so fine, I’m always on the hunt for something to make it look and feel thicker. In addition to that, my hair is still rather damaged – living by the sea for half a year is a dream for your mood, for your hair – not so much.  I still have some streaks which are shorter than the rest due to the fact that they simply broke after too much dying, sun and sea. That’s why I was looking for a shampoo which helps me to prevent that my hair breaks again, and I found it in this product. My hair does not only feel healthy after using it, it also feels so much fuller than with any other shampoo I’ve used. It is not the cheapest one, and I feel like my hair is slightly more difficult to comb through after I’ve used it, so if you have thick hair I’m not sure if it really works for you. However, if you have fine hair and want to feel like having a marvellous mane, try it out!

Dry Shampoo Anti-Grease – syoss
For whatever reason I used to be sceptical towards syoss products. Maybe it’s their huge bottles and me not being ready to commit to using one shampoo for such a long time, but I’ve never tried one. For a reason I can’t remember, one day, I decided to try their dry shampoo – and I love it! In this case, it’s actually a good thing that syoss’ bottles are so large, since usually my dry shampoos last about two weeks and I constantly get annoyed when I yet again didn’t buy a spare one. Apart from that, it does the job, smells fresh, I like it!

Deep Conditioner 3 Minute Miracle – Aussie
My absolute hair favourite! Again, not the cheapest, but making my hair feel really healthy when it didn’t before. I’ve realized that not using the same products every time I wash my hair works best for me, so whenever I don’t use my ogs product, I usually just use some kind of Head & Shoulders and then use this conditioner.

Shower gel Cocoa Butter – ziaja
I have a thing for rather plain shower gel bottles, so when I saw this one, I just had to smell it. And I strongly recommend you to do the same if you ever see one. In my opinion, it doesn’t smell like cocoa butter, but it’s amazing nonetheless. I feels like the perfect scent to have when cuddling up in a blanket in front of a fire pit. Plus, especially considering the size of the bottle, it is a real bargain.

Deodorant Pure – Borotalco
This might seem random to some of you, but in case there’s someone out there who is looking for something that prevents you 24 hours from sweating without smelling like a walking flower bouquet – this is your friend. Plus, I just realized that there’s no aluminium in there, just in case that’s still a cool thing to not have in your deodorant.

Mascara Volume Waterproof – Gosh
I wear contacts and thus, my hands are around my eyes way more than they should be. Therefore, waterproof mascara is a must – I’m still not a fan of panda eyes. This one is perfect for a normal work day, since it doesn’t leave your eyes looking like you wear falsies, looks professional and stays all day where it’s supposed to stay. Thumbs up!

Lip Pencil Colordrama Berry Much – Maybelline New York
I’ve written a whole post about this one, so there’s not really much point in repeating myself. Still love it lots, and it was basically the only coloured thing I put on my lips throughout the year, so I just had to mention it in this list.

Christmas Leggings – Primark
You are going to think “How can those be a whole year’s favourite?“. Well, let me tell you – I’m a rebel. I was looking for plain, warm leggings in Primark and couldn’t find any, so I settled for this treasure, and do you know what? I love them! They are super cosy, warm enough to be worn even in winter and the perfect alternative for an ugly Christmas jumper. And I will definitely keep on wearing them all year round (even though I’ll only be able to wear them in public next December – *sadsmileyface*).

Beauty Best of 2015

I wish you all an amazing 2016, may it be even better than the last year!

xx, K (:


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