Why everyone should go skiing now

I love my home village (really no point in calling it home town, since it definitely isn’t), the people and the feeling that comes with it, but sometimes I am convinced that I was born in the wrong place. Not only within the world, but also within Austria. I didn’t get any of the cool accents (speak: Tyrol or Vorarlberg), and there’s no Alps somewhere near where I live – and they take up quite a lot of the country! In summer I don’t mind this fact as much – I don’t really like hiking, and bicycling is so much less exhausting where I live. In winter however, I would love to live in the mountains. If I want to go skiing, I always have to go for at least 3 days, since otherwise it’s just not worth the long journey. And finding time to go skiing for such a long time is not that easy, especially because you don’t really want to go on your own. So when a friend and me finally managed to find five! days  to go away, I was utterly excited. I always forget how much I actually enjoy going down the slopes until I can do it again, so I want to share my enthusiasm with you as long as it lasts – and hopefully can inspire some of you to go skiing as well.

Why everyone should go skiing now

When talking to my friends, I realized that many people did not want to go skiing during the Christmas break simply because there was no snow. And I have to admit, I was pretty sceptical when we arrived at our apartment and there was no snow in sight. But the people at the ski resorts also want to survive, and they know what they are doing. So as soon as the temperature is below a certain temperature, they simply produce the snow themselves. And this snow remains where it is, basically forever – okay, maybe not forever, but keep in mind that we had about 15°C before I went skiing, and the snow on the slopes still was there. It is odd when there are only white stripes among green mountains and trees, but try to see it from the positive side – at least you don’t get cold. Also, although the artificially produced snow is harder and “icier” than the natural one, you usually get to enjoy beautiful sunshine, and what’s better than skiing with bright rays of sun on your nose and being able to enjoy your lunch outside without your thick coat on?

Why everyone should go skiing now

As you can see, we did get some natural snow during our vacation, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It did not make our lives easier, since the wonderful white layer brought along some very thick fog and we always had to adjust our preferred lifts according to where the fog was for about two days. However, this also meant that most people stuck to those slopes, and if we had enough of the skiing teachers and their tiny followers, we simply faced the fog and had the slopes nearly to ourselves. On this part I want to mention that both my friend and I are not too bad at skiing, so if you are a beginner, I would advise you to stick to the crowds, since otherwise, you might oversee something, not be able to react correctly and hurt yourself , and that is definitely something you do not want on your vacation. But on a positive note, I was surprised how little hurt people we saw during the vacation, and that hardly anyone was on the slope without a helmet. I definitely like this development – save your brain, you might need it.

Another reason why many people tend to be sceptical towards a skiing vacation is the monetary aspect. And I have to admit – skiing is expensive. You either have to buy a pair of skis or rent them, which, by the way, I highly recommend to everyone who goes skiing once a year – you always have well-maintained and relatively new skis, and don’t have to carry them to the ski resort. Hotels at ski resorts, especially the ones close to lifts or at the slopes are ridiculously expensive, and you have to book up to a year in advance in order to get a proper room. If that wasn’t enough, many hotels or huts can only be rented for a week. We looked for a reasonably cheap bed and breakfast at the beginning of October, and after trying basically every single one in three different resorts, we finally found one which still had space and was willing to let us stay for only four nights. We were relatively sceptical because we could not find any pictures of the rooms online, but everything was fine and the lady owning the bed and breakfast was absoulutely lovely. Apart from the hotel and the skis, you also have to buy a ski pass, maybe food in one of the ski lodges along the slope and a second meal in the evening. So yes – skiing is expensive, and I am the first person to admit this. However, if you check your expenses, look for an economic accommodation and maybe take a backpack with sandwiches and drinks with you during the day, I think that a skiing trip can remain affordable for most people. Plus – once you go down the slope, enjoy the beautiful snow and ski away from all your troubles, isn’t it all worth it?

xx, K (:

Why everyone should go skiing now Why everyone should go skiing now Why everyone should go skiing now


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