4 Foodie Places to Hangout – Vienna

I am always on the hunt for nice places I enjoy staying at. To me, it feels like a waste if I go to the same place twice – if I do, I either am really stressed and don’t have the time to look for something new or I really, REALLY must have liked it the first time. There are so many places to stay at, eat at or see, so I think it’s a shame to always go to back to the known. So just in case you are like me and always on the hunt for some cool places to eat, have coffee or just enjoy some quality time with your friends, I hope this list inspires you and gives you some new ideas. Also, I am very sorry for the non-ideal pictures – they are taken with my phone which’s camera definitely has seen better days – still have to get used to taking a camera with me everywhere I go.


The Brickmakers

Awesome Places to Hangout - ViennaSoon after entering this place in the lovely Zieglergasse, I felt very hipster, and that was not only due to the fact that I was entering a pub at noon which, in Austria, is still not a very common thing to do. We went there because I had read that the breakfast there is supposedly amazing, and it is pretty good. My personal favourite were however the drinks. I had some home-made lemonade and it was delicious! Also, I was quite surprised by how many people had breakfast there, so you might want to make a reservation if you come in a big group. All in all, The Brickmakers has a great atmosphere and definitely makes you want to stay longer. I think it is also pretty nice in the evening, when you just hang out there and do what you actually are meant to do in a pub – have some nice drinks and hang out with some lovely people.


Cafe Neko

Awesome Places to Hangout - ViennaI desperately wanted to come here for such a long time because I just loved the concept of it – a cat café! According to their website (and I sincerely apologize if this is wrong), these types of cafés are highly popular in Japan since people mostly live in small flats and cannot have pets on their own – so they visit these cafés to get some cat cuddles there. And since I am basically in the same situation as the Japanese population and only get to see a cat when I’m home at my parents’ house, I had to experience Cafe Neko. The café itself looks very neutral, and to be honest, it was different than I expected. There cats living there are extremely cute and if you get close to one, you can pet them without problems. They don’t move a lot – which is understandable and if I was in their position, I would act exactly the same , however, at times, you have the feeling that you are in a normal coffee house. Concerning food and drinks – they have Japanese rice tea which I really like, the friend I was there with hated, but it just has a special taste you have to get used to. They also offer some pretty amazing,  partly cat-themed deserts, so I would highly recommend you to check it out – no matter if you are a cat-lover or not.


The Bogside Inn

Awesome Places to Hangout - Vienna

The Bogside Inn to me feels like one of the few pubs in Vienna which have yet to be discovered by the majority of people. We went there on a day before a public holiday and expected having to fight for a table, but this was not the case.  When we entered, we easily found some space in the relatively small place. It filled up after some time passed, but still, it was no comparison to the amount of people you see in Charlie P’s basically every day. They have a decent beer menu, and (more importantly to me), quite a good choice of ciders for a pub in Austria. When you want to eat there, I suggest you have a burger – they are very delicious, and not expensive at all. The sides however are not cheap for what you get, so I would not necessarily recommend those. My personal favourite however where the complementary peanuts. You had to throw the shell on the floor, which led to a wonderful mess all over the pub and a near breakdown of one of my friends when we forced her to not collect all of her shells on the table so she wouldn’t have to step on them afterwards. Go check it out!

Kent Restaurant

Awesome Places to Hangout - ViennaI found this place because of my brother. He is constantly moaning about how he’s got way too little money left, so when we decided to have dinner together, I googled cheap places to have dinner at in Vienna – creative, right? When I arrived at the Kent restaurant, I was shocked because I had a look through the window and saw lots of people all dressed up and looking like they where celebrating. After a short moment of doubt, we decided to enter nonetheless without being dressed up, and it was not a mistake. The food there is amazing – it’s Turkish, and it allows you to try out the cuisine other than kebab. Of course they also have this famosity, but I have to admit, I didn’t try it. My personal favourite of the dinner was however not the incredible food – it was their coffee. I don’t really like coffee, and when I drink it, I opt for the ones which don’t taste like coffee – i.e. Starbucks Frappuccinos and similar crimes to coffee lovers. Other than me, my brother loves coffee and decided that he had to try the Turkish one – and he loved it., and I have to admit, it was enjoyable.  Plus, it was served in the most beautiful tableware I have ever seen. If you are interested in Turkish cuisine, definitely give it a go!

What are your favourite places in Vienna – or all around the globe?

xx, K (:


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