Loisium Living

Some time ago, I was staying at the Loisium Wine & Spa Resort in the beautiful Langelois in Lower Austria. As I’m pretty sure that some of you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me quickly tell you some things about the region. Langenlois is located very close to Krems, a beautiful city along the Danube famous for its vineyards. Similar to Krems, Langenlois has the perfect climate to grow grapes. Some renowned Austrian wines come from this region, and the landscape is just absolutely stunning – it’s on the way to my parents’ house from Vienna, and it always feels like I’m on my way home when I drive through the area, which adds to its special atmosphere. Unfortunately, when I was staying there, the weather was dreadful – there was so much fog you were not able to see your hand when you stretched it. To give you an impression of what the area normally looks like, I want to show you a picture I took quite a while ago – isn’t it just georgous? I love it there! It’s so calming and quiet, the perfect atmosphere to relax and get rid of all of your stress.Loisium Living

Now that you might have a feeling for how much I love being in the vineyards, I am pretty sure you can imagine how excited I was to get back there. Yes, the weather was a bit of a let down, but the hotel definitely made up for it.

Loisium Living

Since the stay was a present, I have to admit, I have no idea which type of room I’ve stayed in, but generally, they are not overly expensive for what you get. The rooms are beautifully designed – I really liked the black-white theme with pops of yellow here and there. The bed was incredibly soft – I nearly skipped breakfast in the morning, just to be able to stay in there a little longer. Which would have been a shame – although the breakfast buffet is not extremely huge, they have everything you can ask for, and offer a wide range of (relatively) healthy breakfast choices. I was blown away in general by the food and the drinks offered – a huge compliment to the chef from my side. But now back to the room and my personal favourite – the bathroom. I don’t have I bathtub in my apartment in Vienna, which is very sad for a bath-lover like myself. So when I entered the room and realized that there was a bathtub , I internally screeched like like a little girl receiving her first glitter nail polish. The bathroom itself is pretty genius. There is no door in the common sense but a L-shaped, rotating wooden something, which aligns with the bathroom walls, closing the room when in the right position. It does not close the room 100% and there is no toilet door, so I guess this might be weird should you stay in the room with someone you don’t know that well. But let’s face it – who stays in the middle of nowhere with a distant acquaintance? And should the awesome bathroom door design not be enough to make smile like a little child in the snow, there is a window behind the bathtub, allowing you to look out when chilling in the water. Did I mention that I love this room?

Loisium Living

There are several things to do when staying at the Loisium Wine&Spa Resort. As you might have guessed, the whole thing is wine themed, so one of the things you can do is go to the nearby Loisum WeinErlebnisWelt – freely translated to Wine Experience World. There, you can either have a little look around by yourself and explore the shop and the different wines they offer – or you can go for a tour, like me. I’m not sure if I should advise you to do so. I really enjoyed the cellars, however, the tour is rather odd for a wine cellar tour in that sense. I constantly had the feeling that the people developing the tour wanted to try something different – which is nice. There was a water show, a laser show and some sound experiences, which all were very well-conceived. Nonetheless, when I do a tour in a wine cellar, I want to learn a bit about the region and the product rather than being entertained in every way somebody could imagine. Nonetheless, I am sure that a large number of people enjoy seeing a new approach to a cellar tour, it just was not my cup of tea.

Another thing you can do when staying there is enjoy a nice little walk around the hotel and Langenlois. I am sure that some of you are basically screaming “BOORING” at their screen right now, but there is nothing more calming than a lovely stroll with the right music and a beautiful scenery. At least in my opinion.

Lastly, there is a little Spa located in the hotel. It’s not huge and definitely no comparison to other spa resorts like the Linsberg Asia, but it has its charm. One advantage of the whole resort being rather small is definitely the amount of people which are there. At times, you can be alone in the sauna, which again adds to the extremely relaxing atmosphere of the hotel. And if you really do not want to see anyone, you still have your amazing bathtub to plunge into.

What is your favourite place to calm down and relax? Let me know!

xx, K (:
Loisium Living Loisium Living Loisium Living Loisium Living


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