Spinach-Feta Farfalle

I love pasta. I’m one of these people who basically starve to death unless they eat carbohydrates at least three times a day, so pasta is my go-to food – it’s quick, tastes awesome and goes with everything. I know, it’s not the healthiest option, and I do eat whole-wheat pasta – or whole-wheat anything, on that matter – most times, but sometimes I just feel like having good, old, normal noodles. Yesterday was one of those days, and since I thoroughly enjoyed my beautiful dinner, I wanted to share it with you. So, here we go:



100 grams spinach (frozen)
60 grams feta cheese
2 big tomatoes
120 grams noodles – this is a guess, I always take 3 of my hands as my personal measurement (:
pine nuts

Spinach-Feta Farfalle


Before doing anything else, you want to put your frozen spinach and some water in a pan, put a lid on top and heat it up. Let it simmer until your spinach is defrosted. Of course, you can also use fresh spinach, but unfortunately, in Austria fresh spinach is really hard to get in winter – hence I opted for the frozen version. Since farfalle take quite a long time to become enjoyable, you can start to cook them simultaneously. In the meanwhile, you want to dice both your tomatoes and your feta into medium-sized pieces. As soon as your spinach is defrosted, add the tomatoes, oregano, some garlic, chilli and a dash of water and let it simmer for about five more minutes. Lastly, you want to add your feta cheese. Don’t do this when you’re still planning on leaving your food on the oven, or your sauce will get a weird, crumbly texture. Trust me on that one, feta can be a bitch – still tastes amazing though. As soon as your noodles are cooked, add them to your spinach-feta sauce and mix it up. Last but not least, add some pine nuts on top, just to give it that extra, special touch.

And that was it! I hope you have fun recreating this recipe. And let me know what your go-to food is in the comments, one can never have enough food inspiration!

xx, K(:


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