Windowshopping – Home Edition

Hello my dears,

Over the past weeks, me and my boyfriend have been refurbishing our flat. I love reorganizing my home, but at the moment I am at a point where I could scream as soon as I see a cardboard box. Therefore, I decided to focus on the details for a moment and look for some nice add-ons, and like this, hopefully find my love for redecorating again. I decided to share my search with you, and maybe offer you some inspiration. If you want to have a closer look at one of the items listed, the pictures are all linked to the homepages.

Parkins Interiors Mug © Parkins Interiors

For Fox’s Sake mug – Parkins Interiors
I love this mug! I think we all have those days when we just have this feeling that nothing works out in the way we wanted it to, so we just basically get annoyed at everything and everyone. During these days, you can grab this mug and immediately feel better – or does this awesome pun not make you smile? I also love the awesomely drawn fox, which additionally adds to the charm of this mug. And yes, I did just call a mug charming – please don’t judge me and my love for homeware. ;)


PazzleDIY Paper Lion Head © PazzleDIY

Paper Lion Head – PazzleDIY
I always think that mounted animals have a certain appeal. Although I would never, ever hang a dead animal anywhere in my apartment, house or anywhere on that matter – not only because I think that it’s wrong to kill animals for the sake of it , also because I could never get rid of the feeling that I am currently staring at a corpse, and that’s not exactly adding to a more homely feeling. However, a friend of mine has this golden metal deer head in his home, and I really like him, since I think that he (the deer) gives you the feeling of being in a cosy castle in the countryside. So when I was browsing the web looking for something similar, I found this lion and was just amazed by it. The only downside it has is the fact that you have to get crafty and assemble it yourself – and I’m not sure how that would turn out if I try.Thabto London Whale Vase

© Thabto London

Whale vase – Thabto London
I just realized that there is a slight animal-theme to this post. This was not intentional, I just seem to currently have a thing for animal decoration items. Sorry. But now to the whale. I think the idea of having a whale vase is just pure genius. I love that the flowers look as if the whale is currently breathing, and his little tail fin is just the cutest thing ever. Additionally, it is perfect if you only have one or two flowers to show, and since I never was a fan of huge flower bouquets, the whale and me prove to be the perfect team. End of story.

Ikea Greenhouse

© Ikea

Greenhouse – Ikea
Finally, one item which does not represent an animal. I love this greenhouse. Ever since I saw it in Ikea, I knew that I had to have it. So other than all other items on this list, I actually already own it. But I just love it so much that I had to show it to you nonetheless. I think its slight industrial style goes very well my flat’s interior. I put four succulents in it, and they seem to thoroughly enjoy their life – so much, that I actually should replant one of them – which is quite incredible, considering that I got the plant two weeks ago and back then, it had more than enough space. Additionally to the succulents, I put some sand and little pieces of decoration in the greenhouse, and now it looks like a little desert in a box. I like it.

Zara Home Dishes
© Zara Home

Tableware – Zara Home
Back to animals again. I should rename this post “How to make your house guests feel like they are visiting a zoo”. I swear this was not intentional. But I do love animals, also snails. And after this smooth transition, I can now tell you why I need plates with little, slimy friends on them. Currently, we have those old plates which have been owned by my boyfriend’s family before. They do the job, but are not really that lovely to look at. So I started searching for alternatives, and when I found these, I was over the moon. They are different than all the other dishes I saw, but still decent enough to not take away the show from all the marvellous food you are going to serve on them – beautiful.

H&M Home cushion
© H&M Home

Cushion Cover – H&M Home
Rhino! As you might guess by now, I have a thing for cute little details. Here, I love the rhino’s awesome bow-tie, which makes this pillow case extra special. H&M Home currently has some amazing stuff in, but these cushions are my absolute favourite. They also have a zebra with a bow in its mane which is pretty fabulous, but for some reason, I feel more drawn to this brilliant rhino.


And that was it – our little excursion to the home ware zoo. I hope you liked it, and I’ll see you again next week!

xx, K (:


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