5 Foodie Places to Hangout – Barcelona

Last week, I got to spend some time in Barcelona visiting one of my friends from university. I loved seeing her and two other friends of ours again, and it took me back to my happy times in uni. Since we only had very little time in the city, we looked at the major sights and then focussed on the most important part – food! Since my friend spend the last six months in the Barcelona, she knew some quite lovely places to enjoy a nice meal. And being the food-fan I am – and I have the feeling some of you might be similar to me – I wanted to share my favourites with you. Everything listed was absolutely awesome, and I would recommend every place I’ve eaten at within a heartbeat – I don’t know if I managed to be this lucky in a new city before. But now enough rambling – let’s go.


Carrer de Blai
5 Foodie Places to Hangout - Barcelona - Carrer de Blai

The Carrer de Blai is not a restaurant, but a street – as all the awesome Catalan-speakers under you might have guessed by the name. The street is full of little restaurants serving tapas in a way I didn’t know before. Instead of ordering, you just pick up whatever you feel like from the bar – that’s rights, you have to make your way through the crowds to get some food, but I think it just adds to the charm.  ;) Once you’re finished, you just pay for each pintxo you had, and that’s it. The tapas are cold, but you can ask the barkeepers to warm them up for you if you prefer something warm. To be honest, I have no idea what the places we stopped at were called, but just wander around a little, and follow your guts – I’m sure you will find just the right place for you!


Mercat de la Boqueria

I love markets. There’s something about all the fresh fruits, meats, cheeses and seafruits that just fascinates me every time. I always enjoy having varying types of fruit, but unfortunately when being shipped to Austria, must fruits just don’t taste the same – in case the taste like something other than being unripe in the first place. So whenever I have the change to enjoy sweet mangos (my absolute favourites), pitayas or pomegranates, I just have to grab it. I also love seafruits of any kinds, but getting them at a Spanish market would be more of a hurdle than a blessing, since I highly doubt I would get them through customs – and even if I would, they would probably be stinky by that time. Nonetheless – if you have the chance to, take a look at all the amazing colours, smells and tastes – a grab a mango for me, if you don’t mind.



5 Foodie Places to Hangout - Barce - Wlona

Now this is not exactly a food place – although I’m quite sure you can get some snacks there. Located on floor 26 of the unmistakable W hotel, the Eclipse does not only offer awesome cocktails – in case you were wondering, I had a Cloudy Window, odd name, but amazing cocktail – it also offers you an incredible view of the seafront of Barcelona. The only thing one might not like about this place – and being the old ladies my friends and me are inside, we complained about this quite a lot – is the music. They played ridiculously loud house music in a rather empty bar where some relaxed chill-out music would have been so much nicer. But then again, you just look out of the window, and bearing the music is definitely worth it. Also, don’t miss to go to the bathroom. Funny thing to say, I know, but it’s absolutely stunning – so don’t blame it on me if you missed that view!


Segons Mercat

5 Foodie Places to Hangout - Barcelona - Paella

As you might have guessed by now, I, and luckily must of my friends, like our food good and authentic. We knew that when we were in Spain, we had to eat paella. Unluckily, paella is a lot but not typical food in Barcelona. I asked some people I knew from Barcelona beforehand, and every single one of them told me that the only place to have enjoyable paella at was their own home – made by mama. Since that didn’t really work out for us, my friends and I started our seemingly impossible quest – finding a restaurant which offers paella, but does not have a menu in five languages minimum or even pictures of the dishes listed. After an hour-long search through Barceloneta and slight despair, we found Segons Mercat – and it was awesome! The paella did not taste like the one we previously had in Andalusia, but in its own way, it was absolutely delicious. As I later found out, there are several Segons Mercats in Barcelona, and guessing from the menu they are pretty good at all things seafruits, so if you are interested in that, go check them out!




This again is a small chain of restaurants with six branches in Madrid and one in Barcelona. While I normally prefer individual food places, I am very happy that we went there. The food we had – and the cocktails – were by far the best we had during our stay – and considering we only had incredible food, this is quite impressive. Yes, it is slightly pricier, but for the amount of drinks and food we had, I honestly do not think that it was in any way unjustified – and that would even be the case if it would not have been this delicious. Since I loved it so much, I honestly do not know what else to tell you about it, other than GO THERE!


And that was it! My favourite food places in Barcelona. And while I am still adjusting to being back in a world without sun, sea and patatas bravas, I hope you have an incredible week!

xx, K (:


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