A very MAK afternoon

Hello everyone! It feels so good to be talking to you – again, I have the feeling it’s been forever since I’ve written my last post, although it’s only been a week. But what a week! I don’t want to bother you with my everyday worries, but there’s one thing that affects everybody who is reading this – my laptop died, and I had to return it to its manufacturer, which now means that I am currently writing on my boyfriend’s old laptop, which already is driving me nuts. Therefore, the posts in the weeks to come will very likely be more picture based, since I can do the photo-editing on my phone. The text will remain short and snappy – just log enough so you have an idea about my experience at the MAK!


But now to the topic – on Sunday, I had the most amazing day in the MAK, the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, located near Wien Mitte in Vienna. They currently host Star Wars Identities – an exhibition I wanted to see for a long time, even though I haven’t seen a single one of the movies. And I really liked it! I don’t know if there’s much new information for die-hard Star Wars fans, but for me it was really interesting getting to know some background knowledge about the movies – plus, finally I know about the family situation of Anakin and Luke Skywalker :D. While in the exhibition, you have to decide on different traits of your Star Wars persona in order to create your Star Wars Identity. Mine is the left one on the next picture – do you like her?


We purchased a Combi-Ticket, so after the Star War exhibition, we decided to visit the rest of the MAK immediately – by the way, I would not do this again since owners of a Wiener Linien Jahreskarte get a 10% discount in Star Wars Identities and for the rest of the MAK, you don’t have to pay entrance fees on Tuesdays 6-10 pm. But anyways, we had the tickets, so we went there on the same afternoon. The MAK currently features an exhibition called The Happy Show, which I really liked – it’s a lot about short movies, photography and inspirational quotes, so it basically combines everything I enjoy the most. If you go there, don’t miss the little card “vending machine” (no idea how to call it) – it gives you little tasks to cheer up your day. Apart from The Happy Show, I also thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the MAK – it’s not huge, and it’s a little different than most other museums, so if you have a few hours to spare, definitely have a look!
Do you have any favourite museums? Let me know!

xx, K (:

psx_20160315_211804.jpg psx_20160315_211548.jpg psx_20160315_210539.jpg psx_20160315_211910.jpg psx_20160315_212024.jpg



psx_20160315_212833.jpg psx_20160315_205944.jpg psx_20160315_205754.jpg psx_20160315_204115.jpg


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