Hey spring, don’t let go

I don’t know about your cities, but the last few days in Vienna have been really nice. The sun was shining, and so I decided to finally go to Schönbrunn’s easter market on the weekend. Of course, on my day off, the sun wasn’t out, so I’m sorry for the missing sunshine on the photos, but it still was a really nice afternoon. If you don’t know about easter markets – it’s a really nice thing, it’s basically like a christmas market but with painted eggs and bunnies rather than christmas baubles and reindeers. Easter is at the beginning of spring, and although most of the time it still is rather cold, I just love the fact that everything is in pastel colours and looking pretty. So to get you into the spring/easter spirit, here are some pictures from my visit to Schönbrunn palace and the easter market.

DSC01718 DSC01719 DSC01721 DSC01722 DSC01724

Hey spring, don't let go DSC01725 DSC01726

Hey spring, don't let go DSC01728 DSC01729 DSC01730 DSC01731 DSC01733 DSC01734 DSC01735 DSC01737

How do you spend easter? Do you celebrate it, or is it just another weekend?

xx, K (:


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