Lisbon Love

Hello again! How are you? I hope everyone of you is great! First of all, I want to apologize for not posting for the last two weeks – my life has basically consisted out of work, uni applications and sleep, and there was no way I could fit in any more writing without going totally mental. But now, things are starting to go back to normal (well, apart from my working hours, but these are another topic), so I finally get to write a blog post. You cannot believe how excited I am to make you a part of my journey again!

So, quite a while ago, I got to spend an amazing weekend in Lisbon. I’ve wanted to share my adventure with you for so long now, you would not believe how thrilled I am to actually have the time to do so now. Lisbon is just an amazing city. I love to look at cities from above, and since Lisbon is located on several hills, you can get a nice view of the city basically from everywhere you are. The food is amazing – my favourite restaurant was the Decadente, but my absolute food highlight was a cooking class I did. I gave to my boyfriend as a christmas present, and to be honest, I was really scared about what it would be like. Luckily, it was fantastic! It was only us and an Canadian couple, and it was such a nice evening, the chef was lovely and the food was absolutely fantastic, so I could highly recommend Cooking Lisbon if you’re interested in food and cooking. We also went to Mercado da Ribeira – it’s a nice market, but I was not blown away by it since it just felt like it was purely created for tourists (which it probably was), and I like places which feel more local.

When it comes to sights, the whole city is amazing – my favourite were the Carmo Convent and basically all of Belem – definitely check out Mosteiro dos Jerónimos – even if you do not care about architecture, this one is just amazing to look at. Since I’ve always been interested in history, I tend to try to learn a little bit about the history of a place while I’m there. We went to the Lisbon Story Center right at the Praca do Comércio, and I really liked it. You get an audio guide which leads you through the exhibition, and at the end, I really felt like I knew more than I did before. I however also had the feeling that it is more directed towards children, so if you’re interested in looking at old books and other “traditional” museum stuff, this will definitely not be your cup of tea. The last of my favourites was the Oceanário de Lisboa – it’s one of the biggest aquariums worldwide, and I was just blown away by the variety of fish I got to look at. I also wish that we had more time in Parque das Nações, but since the aquarium was our morning activity before returning home, we had to rush to the airport right after.

All in all, Lisbon is one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever been to. It feels like a relaxed seaside town (if you take a 45 minute train ride to Cascais, you’re actually at the sea), and it has just such an amazing vibe to it. If I can, I will definitely try to go back to Portugal. Have you ever been?

xx, K (:

Lisbon Love Lisbon Love Lisbon Love Lisbon Love Lisbon Love Lisbon Love Lisbon Love Lisbon Love DSC01639 Lisbon Love Lisbon Love Lisbon Love Lisbon Love


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