Five things every 20-something should do more

When I was going home from the subway today and thinking about what I wanted to share with you, I came to think of something slightly different than usual. I am momentarily yet at another turning point in my life, having to figure out whether I would like to stay with my company, look for a new job or go back to university. And while I still am contemplating about what I would like to do, I came to think of different things which are important to me and what I want to do more, no matter where my road will take me. And since I am pretty convinced that I am not the only person in the world facing life decisions at some point, I wanted to share my thoughts with you, as quick reminder to both you and me to live in the way that’s best for us!


Know your Worth

I’m not sure about you, but for me finding a job after university was tough. I didn’t do much volunteering or part-time work during university (if you’re still in university – do these things – they will provide you with a network of people you really need!), and additionally wanted to work in a field outside of my studies, so at some point I would have taken any job, even if they just offered me food and accommodation. I was lucky and found a good workplace, but please, don’t let people exploit you! I know it’s easy to say this, and I myself have problems in doing this, but try your best. This does not necessarily have to be monetary wise, it can also concern your knowledge and education. One of the main reasons why  I am considering looking for a new job is the fact that I constantly have the feeling that I would not have had to spend 15 years in education in order to do what I do, and I don’t like that. While I do understand that I might not need everything I’ve learned in my life in my job, I at least want to have tasks that force me to use my brain rather than to plainly execute what someone else has decided . I try to change my situation, but within my company this is very complicated. So if you are in a similar situation, let this be your friendly reminder to know your worth, and to fight for it! If someone – also outside of work life – does not accept this, then your life is probably better of without them in the first place.

Look after Yourself

Another thing I have to do a lot more is to look after myself. While this could be interpreted in various way, I mainly mean the health-related part. I hate letting people down who rely on me, which is why I go to work with fever, coughs and basically everything that is not highly infectous. Which is why I am basically not properly able to breathe since November – and trust me, that’s not ideal. For me, it’s hard to take time for myself when I have other responsibilities. I admire everyone who has the guts to actually say no to everyone with the excuse of needing a break. An actual break, time during which you are not doing anything useful to the world, is something not really included in our society’s “normal” life. Once you have days off of university or work, everyone expects you to go somewhere, or at least have built a tree house by the end of your free time. Hardly anyone will answer the question about their holiday plans with “I’m going to watch Netflix and sleep for a week.” Well, at least not in my world. Which is a bad thing. I think, everyone should take some time off every once in a while – without shame, and without fear of missing out.

Oh, and also use sunscreen children! Just wanted to mention that briefly, since I clearly could have been wiser in that department.

Stand up for your Dreams

Another one of these sayings which sound so much easier than they are to actually fulfill. Firstly, it’s hard to actually figure out a dream. I am convinced that deep down, everyone of us has something they always wanted to do, but crammed under all everyday worries, your dreams can get lost rather easily. To be honest, I didn’t figure out what I really wanted for a long time. I was always jealous of my friends who exactly knew what they wanted to reach with their lives – while I always knew a direction and had a plan (see below), I never had the feeling that there was something I would sincerely love to become – with all of my heart. Until one day I realized that deep within my thoughts, I always knew what I wanted. While my plans changed a lot since I was 13, they always had one thing in common (which I won’t tell you or I’ll jinx it forever, I’m superstituous). And I will try to achieve this now. I still don’t know if I will ever be able to actually fulfill my dream, and if I do, I  wonder if it is anything like I imagined (probably not), but I am trying, and I hope you are too.

Get out of your Comfort Zone

I’ll admit, it’s easy to just live your life the way you live it every day, with the little worries everyone has to face, but without major challenges. But it’s also boring. Crazy thing about comfort zones is, they vary heavily from person to person. One person could never imagine to travel to another continent, while another one might travel the seven seas, but freaks out as soon as someone mentions feelings. And the horrible thing is, that you don’t even realize that you only stay within your comfort zone. I’ve stayed in my happy bubble for quite a while now, when recently I was thinking about something which I could never imagine doing. Which made me realize that that probably was exactly what I should be doing, in order to break out of my rot and actually experience new things. I’ve now gone back to wearing colours – this  might sound mundane to you, but in Vienna’s sea of black and grey, it made me feel more like myself again. And you know what – the world is a much more exciting place now!

Change your Plan

I am a planmaker. I like to arrange my life efficiently, which means knowing in advance when what is going to happen. If someone tells me that they will “text you later when and where we meet”, I go mental. Ask my boyfriend.I just don’t like to see my time wasted, both in the short and in the long term. Which is why I have life plans. Similarily to the Soviet Union, I know exactly what should happen in the next five years. But somehow, I found myself now in a situation where nearly daily I am thinking – this is not what I signed up for. Although my job sounded great in theory and before starting it, it’s a whole other story in real life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad and most days I actually enjoy it, but there’s also quite a few days where I go home and think to myself that these 10 hours have neither helped me nor my company in any way. Which is why I have to do the impossible – and change my plan. And you should too.


Is there anything that you always have to remind yourself to do more? Let me know, because chances are, I should do that too!


xx, K (:


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