Brisbane Arrivals

First of all, I sincerely want to apologize for writing two posts in a row about me moving to Brisbane – actually, I wanted to avoid that, but somehow, it is just everythings that’s on my mind right now. Also, starting now, I really want to make an effort to go back to posting regularly, as I think this blog is a very good opportunity to not only make sure that I don’t lose all of my writing skills, but also to make myself actually get out there and do stuff. But back to my arrivial here in Brisbane.


As you might have guessed from the title, I arrived in my home for the next two years today. Everything worked out a lot better than expected, and before I knew it, I was in the transport to my new flat. In the transport, I already met some international students, however, most of them are only doing their exchange semester in the city. When choosing the flat to live in, location was one of the most important things for me. I wanted to avoid having to commute to uni for an hour every day, and the flat I am staying at right now enables me to get to university rather quickly. The flat is clean, and actually really lovely – the only problem is, that I am only living with one other girl who is working at a hospital, which is why she will be in the apartment only from time to time.

When looking for an apartment, initially, I wanted to find one with social housemates who are looking forward to doing things together. As I could not find anything like that, I settled for the pretty apartment. Now that I am here though, I start to hate myself for it. The apartment is in one of the suburbs, and as my transportation went on and out of the CBD/South Bank region, less and less people were around. One of the reasons I had to get out of Vienna was the feeling of not being secure when out and about alone at night as a woman. Now when driving in this area, I had exactly this feeling again. Since I cannot sleep (thanks jetlag), I researched about public transport at night in Brisbane, and apparently it is a lot but not very safe. Which now leaves me with the feeling that I cannot really leave my apartment at night (which, by the way, currently already starts at around 5 pm, which again makes me feel slightly depressed). Currently I feel like I will spend my next two years stuck in this apartment, without much interaction with other people apart from the ones I left behind via Whatsapp or Skype. I really hope that this feeling will go away eventually, but right now I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life by coming here.

Sorry for not being more upbeat or informative today, but I just had to get this off my chest.

xx, K (:


3 thoughts on “Brisbane Arrivals

  1. Oh my goodness; Welcome! Don’t worry about the depressed feels … They go away eventually once you’ve established a network and friends and whatnot … I moved here end of last year and went through this whole homesickness phase. Feel free to message/contact if you would like to chat or even meet up for tea!


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