#1 – Getting started

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to (try to) treasure every memory I get the chance to make while being in Brisbane. And in order to memorize them better, I want to write them down ( because I have the memory capabilites of a goldfish) and when I think about my past diary experiences, I won’t keep on writing something down with pen and paper. So I decided to try out the modern version of a diary – a blog. Yes, I am very well aware that this is absolutely not my first post, but it is the first post in which I will be telling you what I’ve done in my week – and I hope this doesn’t bore the heck out of you. Also – and I promise this is the last awful beginnig word for this paragraph – due to my recent traumatic experience of losing all of my pictures and stuff – it’s actually nice to have some backups. But now to my week.

kairamkairam - getting started

My week started off a little rocky – as you might have guessed from my Brisbane Arrivals post. I was doubting my decision more than ever, and the fact that I was offered to attend an awesome Master’s programme in Sweden only strenghtened my thoughts that I completely fucked up. I’m still not quite sure what has actually decreased these thoughts, but my boyfriend telling me to stick to whatever I decided to do and make the most out of it reminded me of one of my basic principles – to not think about what ifs, because the past can’t be changed anyway.

Another thing that definitely helped was the fact that I had a proper place to stay at as soon as I arrived. It’s not perfect, but it’s feasible, and having a bed to crawl into whenever I felt like was better than sharing a room with 10 other people for a week without knowing where to spend the rest of the semester.

Other than most rental contracts here, mine does not have a fixed end term – which I loved initially, because it gives me the flexibility to end it at the end of the semester and go travelling if I feel like it – but, it also means that I could get kicked out basically always – which is not too nice. Especially because within this week, I’ve acquired so much stuff that I have no idea how I could possibly get it from this place to another one. I don’t even want to think about moving out, already now it makes my head go funny.

I’ve done quite some research before coming here, but once I arrived, I still felt slightly unprepared. Luckily already on the airport, I met a German girl who is also doing her full degree here, so we had the pleasure of experience our nescience together. The university wasn’t overly helpful when it came to information about what we had to do and attend, so I’m still hoping that I didn’t miss anything important.

So far, I’ve had two introductions – one for international students, and one for postgrads. Both were entertaining and held by awesome people, but not overly informative. The one for international students was somewhat useful, but in my mind I had hoped for a lot more information which left me slightly disappointed. The second one was basically no new information for anyone who had ever attended a lecture in their life, and if I had better things to do, I would have been angry, but since I didn’t, it was a nice opportunity to get to know a few other internationals.

The rest of my week mainly consisted of shopping and hunting for things I still needed in order to make the flat a home – hence, the increased amount of stuff to carry around. Ikea turned into my best friend when it comes to interior. The last few times I had moved, I always bought a few items from Ikea, so now their things make me instantly feel like home. I managed to find a cheap but good-working bike (now I just need lock and helmet, so wish me luck), and today I did my first proper food shop, which means, I can actually survive a day without having to leave the flat, which is, let’s face it, absolute goals. The only thing that makes me feel slightly depressed is the fact that groceries here are not too cheap, and I am used to a higher standard of living food, which as a student, I can’t afford anymore. Which leads to me opressing the feeling to scream at every Youtuber ordering sushi without giving me a piece of it – I’m looking at you, Alfie Deyes.

Apart from that, my week included quite a few times of getting lost (sorry again for being late), and quite some frustration when it comes to the Australian banking/phone system. Basically, you need an Australian phone number to activate everything, but can’t seem to get one without a bank account. Which is alright, until you realize that you need an Australian phone number in order to activate and use your bank account. Which leaves you in a neverending circle. After a few near breakdowns and annoying quite some people, I managed to activate a preliminary sim-card to initally use for my bank account – so wish me luck tomorrow that not to many people want to open an account or add a phone number to their account tomorrow so that I can do exactly that. Yep, I know how unrealistic this is.

Also, when wandering through campus yesterday, two couples got their wedding picture taken – so if you ever need a nice location for pictures, just go back to your university! (:


I hope you all have a nice week and are not already bored to death!

xx, K (:


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