#3 – Group Works and Surfing

The first week of university! And let me tell you, it’s super exhausting already. To be honest, I was expecting my first days back at school to be a lot of introductions – which they were – but nothing else. Man, I was wrong. I’m pretty sure I did not do as many readings during my whole Bachelor degree as I did during this first week of my master’s. (Also, could anyone explain to me whether these titles should be started in capital letters or not? I just do not understand the system.) As you probably can imagine, I’ve never done postgrad studies before, but I expected them to be a lot less work – sounds stupid, I know. I’ve always had the impression that you just had to write an exam at the end of the semester for each class and that was about it. As mentioned before – man was I wrong. Every single one of my classes wants me to constantly participate, do group works and keep on top of what feels like a thousand readings. Don’t get me wrong – I’m extremely grateful for being given this opportunity to study in such an university, it’s just slightly different to what I imagined it to be.

Apart from comprehending that I actually had to work to get my degree – shocking, right? – I’ve had another big realization during this second first week of my uni life. I never knew how lucky I was with my class mates during my undergrad studies. Basically all of us were hard working and genuinely interested in our studies, which made group works feasable. Here, I am surrounded by a bunch of international students (seriously, in every one of my classes is one Australian, remaining people are Chinese and a few Indians or Latin Americans), who don’t seem to be too keen on working together to prepare group work in the way we used to do it in Austria. I am aware of the fact that group works are supposed to strengthen your intercultural communication skills and stuff, but I like to spend my time efficiently, and this does not include two-hour-discussions about choosing a topic for a 10 minute presentation, when one Facebook poll could have done the same job. Guess I still have some adjusting to do.

surfing_group works_kairamkairam

While university already has taken up quiet some time of my life, I am still trying to balance it out with some free time activities to actually make use of the time I get to spend in this beautiful country. So, I’ve decided to take a surf lesson – because when you’re in Australia, you have to at least try to surf, right? Followingly, on Saturday, me and about 15 others started our journey to the Gold Coast. Don’t get fooled by Google there – although the train takes about an hour from Brisbane to the South, getting to the beach takes you at least another 30 minutes, and since the trains never seem to work properly – three out of four times I had to take a bus instead on parts of the way- the journey from Brisbane to the beach actually takes up to three hours. Nonetheless, you have wifi on the train and quite a nice view, so actually, it’s not that bad. Once arrived by the beach, we were given the sexy version of a wet suit – knee-length, great for tanning lines. As with every item of clothing that cannot be seperated into two seperate pieces – one for legs, one for upper body – I immediately felt like a cat wearing a ruff – robbed of all freedom to move properly. (In case you are slightly confused now – I am rather tall and have a ridiculously long upper body – so these things either tend to be where you really don’t want them to be in your private area, or I can’t move my arms above my head since there’s simply not enough fabric to stretch anymore.) Anyways, I survived the wet suit, and after short instructions by the beach – during which I already started to sweat, I really have to get fitter – we went into the water. And I was positively surprised by myself – I actually managed to get up all by myself! I don’t even want to know what it looked like, but I had fun, so if I ever managed to get my hands on a surf board again, I will definitely work on my form – or just pretend I do and happily fall into the sea, whichever one seems more handy.

surfing_group works_kairamkairam

Sunday was mostly for relaxation and some uni stuff. I finally managed to explore West End! There are some lovely food places there, so I definitely will spend some time in this area in the next two years. And who knows, maybe next semester I could actually find a reasonably priced flat in the area, allowing me to stroll the shops whenever I feel like it!


What have you been up to this week? I hope the weather back home is at least as good as the winter in Brisbane ;)

xx, K (:




surfing_group works_kairamkairam

surfing_group works_kairamkairam

surfing_group works_kairamkairam



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