Why everyone needs a backpack

Hello my dears,

In case you’ve been around for a while and read my What’s in my Handbag – post, you’ll know that I carry a ridiculous amount of crap with me at all times. I constantly try to overcome this situation by only buying teeny-tiny bags and cramming stuff into them up to the extent where I cannot even close them, but having to decide whether an umbrella or a bottle of water are the appropriate weapon for the day left me believing that that was not the ideal solution. So for the sake of my back I decided it was time to invest in a nice backpack.

Up until last year, just the consideration of buying a backpack made me shiver. In my mind, they were for school and hiking only, so taking a backpack out to town was not an option. Although I always admired my roommate for having enough space in her backpack for loads of university stuff, I definitely was way too cool to even consider reusing my school bag. Until suddenly, some very clever people in the fashion industry decided that it was time for backpacks to make a comeback. One of the first persons I saw running around carrying one of the newly established leather-backpacks was my Mum. She’s constantly worried about her back, so when she saw the chance to prevent additional back pain, she took it. That was two years ago. I resisted the urge to get a backpack myself – my Mum had one, so backpacks had to be for mums, right?

Two years older, and so much wiser, let me tell you – it’s not! I finally found a backpack from Cotton On I liked some weeks ago, and basically did not use anything else ever since – and that’s only partly because I’m way too lazy to get the stuff out of the backpack and into another bag. I ride my bike to university, so having a handbag is basically impossible – backpack is perfectly fine. As mentioned before, I carry a lot of crap with me at all times – laptop, notebook, purse, pencils, god knows what else – my bag definitely weighs over 5 kg. You don’t want to carry 5 kg on one shoulder only, or you’ll end up like the hunchback of Notre-Dame – with a backpack, you’ll at least get an evenly spread hunch. (Although I advise you to not carry around that much stuff with you in the first place, you won’t need it.) And lastly, backpacks are super stylish – by now, they come in various shapes, styles and colours – you can go from super sporty to highly classy and back. In order to give you a quick overview, I listed some of my favourites below – if I had the money, I would definitely go down hipster lane and get the Herschel one ;)

What do you think about backpacks? Love or not so much? Let me know!


xx, K (:


PS: Could we all just take a second that I actually managed to have these lovely backpacks linked and looking reasonable – at least in the desktop version? If anyone has tips on how to do that properly, PLEASE let me know! :D



       backpacksbackpacksbackpacks   backpacks    backpacks

backpacks backpacks backpacks







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