#4 – Food, Sun and all that Jazz

Hello my dears,

Another week has passed, and for most of the week I successfully did – nothing. I think I’m already back to full study mode, where I basically spend my days on Youtube and Netflix, pretending to start just after one more episode, until the day before I have to submit an assignment. I guess I’ll never learn. On Friday night however, I managed to seperate myself from my computer to join a pub quiz – and believe it or not, my team reached the second place! We were very chuffed with ourselves, and although I never contribute a lot towards the answers, it was good fun. Highlight of the night however was not the incredible moderator – if I had her name I would mention her, but I don’t, so please excuse that – it was our way out out of the bar, through the uni campus, to the bus station. And here’s why (sorry for horrible phone at night quality):

Food, Sun and all that Jazz_kairam.kairam

Two guys decided to undress down to their boxers, and jump into one of the university’s own fountain. Now bear in mind, I was fully dressed, including a rather thick coat and it still did not feel particularly warm, so I’m quite sure a reasonable amount of alcohol or a good bet was involved, but I found it hilarious nonetheless. Unfortunately, the guys stopped their little water adventure as soon as campus security showed up and followed us all the way until we were off campus – first time ever I have been followed by a police car, so that’s something to tick off my bucket list now.

Saturday was mainly me asking myself if anyone watches the whole entry ceremony at the Olympics (seriously, does someone do that?) and then loads of food, which was followed by more food on Sunday. We went to Sunday by the River, with Jazz and Food trucks. Don’t go there at 2 pm. Just don’t. We were standing in line for about 45 minutes, just to realize that they basically had no food left. And I was hungry. The food we got eventually was good, however, neither worth the wait nor the (h)anger inbetween. The atmosphere however is lovely! Loads of people sitting in the grass, enjoying the sunshine and listening to this nice little marching band playing some jazz – there’s definitely worse ways to spend your Sunday afternoon.


How was your week? I hope you had a good one!

xx, K (:


Food, Sun and all that Jazz_kairam.kairam

Food, Sun and all that Jazz_kairam.kairam

Food, Sun and all that Jazz_kairam.kairam

Food, Sun and all that Jazz_kairam.kairam


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