#5 – A weekend on Stradbroke Island

Just came back from an amazing weekend on North Stradbroke Island, and before I fall asleep, I quickly wanted to tell you about it. On the map, North Stradbroke is rather close to Brisbane, but getting there took us quite a while – as usual with Brisbane public transport, it did not quite work out the way it was planned, so when leaving at around 8 am, by the time we arrived at our apartment, it was around 12. Coming back today however went super-smoothly and took less than 3 hours, so just hop on a train/ferry/bus and hope for the best.

As getting there from Brisbane takes quite a while, I would not recommend going for one day only – there’s so much to see, and you don’t want to waste your time by spending it in public transport 8 hours a day. Since I was staying at a friend’s place right by the beach – absolutely stunning, let me tell you – I cannot recommend you a specific hotel. But on the island I saw so many amazing houses being rented out to vacationers, so I can imagine staying in one of those with a couple of friends must be quite amazing – just have a little browse on the internet, you’ll be fine. As far as I’m concerned, you want to stay at Point Lookout, but then again, I haven’t been to any other parts of the island, so they might be just as beautiful.

Right now it’s winter in Queensland, and when planning the trip, I was rather sceptical towards the timing and going to an island mostly famous for its beaches right now. When arriving on Friday, the weather did not look to promising. So we decided to skip the beach on that day, get some fish and chips at Fishes at the Point and finish of our meal with cake by the ocean from a lovely organic shop at Mintee Street. I can highly recommend the fish and chips at Fishes at the Point – I don’t really like battered things, so I got my fish grilled, and it was fantastic. According to some other people, both breakfast and burgers are also quite lovely, so if you are in the area, go check it out.

After feeding ourselves we went on to explore the Gorge, which is one of the main things you have to do when you are on the island. There’s a variety of kangaroos and wallabies in the park and from different lookouts you can see some dolphins and even whales when you are lucky and have good eyesight. But even if you don’t spot any animals, the views are just marvellous, and the waves splashing against the shore are basically one of the best things I’ve ever seen. If you are however desperate to see some animals, go there in the morning or late in the afternoon – we went to see the sunrise and saw so many kangaroos on our way there, you would not believe it. Oh, and can you spot the dolphin in the picture below? ;)

Our evening programme was a nice little bonfire by the beach – without it, I would have frozen to death, but sitting at the beach during night time, with some flames to keep you warm and maybe even some smores – what could be better?

a weekend in stradbroke island_kairamkairam

The next day it was a lot warmer, so we decided to rent some surfboards and spend the day at Cylinder Beach. Unfortunately, there were basically no waves, so it wasn’t as great as we hoped it to be, but just paddling in the water and enjoying the sun was not too bad either. If you want to see real surf pros, go check out the Main Beach, especially in the morning right after sunrise. As long as the conditions are not too dangerous, there are some rather high waves there (never in my life would I go there on a surfboard), but looking at the surfers doing their thing is quite amazing. Be aware however that it’s quite windy as it’s the Pacific and there’s nothing to stop the wind, so you might want to bring a jumper.

In the evening we did something apparently very Australian – we went to a Barefoot Bowls Club! Before that night, I had never heard of that game, but if you’re several people playing, it’s actually quite fun – and if you ever played bowling in your life, you won’t find it too hard. I just feel like it’s more of a summer type of sport, since the grass at night is rather chilly for a constantly freezing person like me. My favourite part of the evening was however not the bowling but our bus ride home. The Bowls Club offers a complementary bus ride home, and when hopping on it, there was this group of rather tipsy Aussie guys celebrating a birthday party, and it was simply hilarious. To top up the whole thing, we saw some kangaroos jumping around, which made the experience even better.

Sunday was our last day, and initially the weather did not look to promising. The winds were quite strong, and the Main Beach was closed due to dangerous currents. But then after breakfast the sun came out, so we decided to hit Deadman’s Beach. It actually turned into quite a lovely day, so we spend our last afternoon relaxing by the sea, listening to the waves and watching the occasional group of dolphins swimming by. All in all, the perfect weekend, and I would highly recommend going there to everyone!

I’m now off to watch the Michalak’s latest vlog, but I hope you have an amazing evening and a good week ahead of you!

xx, K (:

a weekend in stradbroke island_kairamkairama weekend in stradbroke island_kairamkairama weekend in stradbroke island_kairamkairama weekend in stradbroke island_kairamkairama weekend in stradbroke island_kairamkairama weekend in stradbroke island_kairamkairama weekend in stradbroke island_kairamkairam


2 thoughts on “#5 – A weekend on Stradbroke Island

  1. I love your pictures at the end; they make me want to visit myself sometime! I’ve never actually thought about checking it out before, even though I’ve heard the name here and there. Just another thing to add to my Australia list :)


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