#6 – Sometimes I think

After six weeks in Australia, everyday life starts to sneak in. This week I honestly did not do anything exciting. When talking to my friend the other day, he was teasing me for telling him that I won’t do anything this weekend, and then eventually telling him that I flew off to Adelaide or something like that, but I’m sorry that I have to say, I didn’t do anything post-worthy. Of course, I did not just sit around, I had uni, I went out with some friends, and went to an amazing food market, but there are no memories I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Nonetheless, I’ve come to a very important realization today. After probably two years of feeling slightly odd, I am starting to feel like myself again. I don’t know what it is, because when I look at my life right now it’s not that much different to the life I used to have back in Europe, and I can’t even really explain the feeling I have, but it feels good to be back. Yes, I do miss my friends and family a lot – especially since here it’s so much harder to get people to just hop on a plane for the weekend because it’s so expensive – but if it took me moving to the other side of the world to not feel constantly grumpy and slightly anxious anymore, in my opinion, that’s worth it. Let’s just hope that it’s not just a temporary state of mind.

My big goal for today was to finally start an assignment for uni. But as you might guess – didn’t manage. I however made the massive mistake of researching about places to visit in Australia – and now I have no idea how I should somehow manage to see all the amazing nature this country has to offer within my study years! My biggest problem when it comes to exploring Australia is that the thought of driving here slightly terrifies me, but you need to drive in order to get to most of the national parks. So if anyone of you has a car and nothing to do in the summer – I’m up for a massive roadtrip :D

The pictures below are from the Revive market taking place in Southbank last Friday, and there are some sneaky pics from my university – also, after looking at them, I realized that it really is time for me to change to my new phone to finally get decent pictures – hurry up Etsy! If you want to know what I’m up to during the week in more detail (my memory is horrible, so I tend to forget stuff in my week.by.week posts), feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I do actually post there from time to time. And now I am going to go back to trying to do my assignment, so wish me luck!

I hope you all have an amazing week!

xx, K (:


sometimes i think_kairamkairam

sometimes i think_kairamkairam

sometimes i think_kairamkairam

sometimes i think_kairamkairam



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