Uni Essentials

It’s that time of the year again – North of the equator leaves start to fall, days get shorter and colder, and soon you have to go back to university or school. Whether this is your first semester and you’re not quite sure what to bring, or you just want some stationary inspiration – I got you covered. My semester started already a month ago, so I had time to figure out what I was missing. I want you to have everything ready when you start, so I made you this nice little list of my uni essentials. Enjoy!

uni essentials_kairamkairam


I am a planning person. And a forgetful one. So the most essential thing for me is a place to write down all of my assignments, tests, meetings and what not. I even write lunch dates into my calendar. While I really love this stylish one by typo, I actually always put everything into my phone. This thing is basically glued to my hand, so whenever I freak out about what to do next, I simply check my calendar and my life becomes a lot easier.



uni essentials_kairamkairam


Second most essential thing for me is a notebook. I know many people prefer to write notes on their laptop, but I am an oldschool person prefering to write things down with pen on paper. During my undergrad studies I actually printed all of my slides and then added my notes to those sheets, but now that I’m in Australia, I figured that I won’t take home 5 kg of paper and just throwing everything away after 2 years seemed not very sustainable for me. So I discovered these genius notebooks with integrated pockets for storing handouts or other little papers – that way, you can have one section for each lecture and avoid having loose sheets which will get lost eventually anyways. I am aware that this thing is not exactly nice to look at, but it’s practical, and if you find one of these with a cool print – leave a comment, and I’ll get that for my next semester (:


uni essentials_kairamkairam uni essentials_kairamkairam

Pens and Highlighters

Definite uni essentials – pens. Even if you never go to classes, never take notes and never have to submit something handwritten, at the latest point during your exams you will need a pen. And trust me, you don’t want to be that person that realizes 10 minutes before a final that you didn’t bring a pen and noone around you has a spare one (been there). I found one to link here, but I have to admit apart from that one time I just described I can’t remember the last time I actually bought a pen. You’ll get so many during orientation week, they will last you until your last of days. You might also consider getting some highlighters – I don’t really use them as I do all of my readings on my laptop, but in case you prefer you things printed out, these things are gold.


uni essentials_kairamkairam

Pencil Case

We have already made clear that you will need pens. While some people think that’s enough when it comes to stationary, I’ve realized the many benefits of a pencil case quite early in my studies. In the beginning, the first five minutes of every lecture were spend with searching for my pen which magically always seemed to be at the very bottom of my bag, hidden under layers of tissues, snacks, water and everything else that should not be in a bag. A pencil case on the other hand is easy to find – and also a great storage for hair bands and other things that otherwise would get lost.


uni essentials_kairamkairam

Water Bottle

I think everyone by now knows that keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is important. Get a water bottle. Drink water. And with a cute panda to remind you of drinking, it’s even more fun.


uni essentials_kairamkairam

Lunch Box

I’m constantly hungry. Especially when I am trying to concentrate and remember as many things as possible, I need food. And buying snacks at uni is not only super unhealthy after a while, it also gets expensive. Which is where this lunchbox gets in handy. Plus – it’s definitely more eco-friendly than using a new sandwich bag every day.


uni essentials_kairamkairam


This one might be the least obvious, but to me, it’s one of the most important things to have in uni. Many lecturers still don’t like you to peek at your phone 24/7, but having the time can be a valuable (and sometimes horrible) asset – especially during exam period. This watch is made out of wood, extremely lightweight and not to mention stylish. You might even want to keep it on outside of class.


uni essentials_kairamkairam


Now that you have all these nice things, you need somewhere to put them. This bag seems very suitable to me for an university student, nonetheless, I usually carry a backpack – as you can see on this post. Choose whichever one you prefer.



The last uni essentials I want to mention are electronics – a laptop and a portable phone charger. Nowadays, you can’t get through university without a laptop – you need it to do research, do assignments and simply stay up to date with everything. I did not link any laptop since I think that it’s a question of personal preferences, and I don’t want to influence you in such an important decision. But in case you were wondering – I use an Asus Zenbook (no, not a MacBook). My main criteria before buying it were size, weight and battery, and for me, a lightweight laptop with a long battery life is perfect. Just figure out what you need, and do some research – for my first laptop I did not do that, and after a year I had to get another one because it simply died every five minutes.
And I think you can figure out yourself why a portable phone charger can come in handy – especially in large lecture rooms without energy sockets.


What are your uni or school essentials?


xx, K (:




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