Brisbane’s Ultimate Foodie Hangout – Eat Street Markets

You like food and currently are in Brisbane or planning to go there? Definitely check out the Eat Street Markets! I’ve been there twice since I arrived in Brisbane (can you tell that I love them?), and I’m definitely going back. Brisbane generally is heaven for every foodie, and there’s different food markets to choose from nearly every weekend. And as you might have guessed, I’ve been to quite a few of them. Sadly, the food trucks are pretty similar at every one of them, and so these markets become repetitive after a while. But not the Eat Street Markets! You have a great choice with foods from all over the world, mains, desserts or snacks, and everything is reasonably priced considering Brissie standards. Additionally, there is a fantastic atmosphere with live music on different places and just loads of people enjoying some amazing food. Oh, and there’s a stall selling the best clothing for dogs – it’s fantastic!


eat street markets_kairamkairam


The Eat Street Markets are open Friday and Saturday from 4 pm until 10 pm and right now also on Sundays from 11 am until 3 pm. You have to pay $ 2.50 entry which probably might have put me off if I knew before going there for the first time, but in my opinion, it’s worth it. It’s rather difficult to get there and takes quite a while, but the second time I was there my friends and me took the CityCat from Bretts Wharf and I loved it! You get to see the beautiful Brisbane skyline at night while being on public transport – isn’t that just perfect? Also worth mentioning, the lines getting the food have never been too bad (except for the one to the bathroom apparently, did not go there myself), so that’s a nice feature considering I had to wait for 45 minutes at a food stall at another market just to be told that they basically already sold out everything.

The perfect way to go to the Eat Street Markets would be with a group of friends who are willing to eat the Chinese way – buy loads of food and then put it in the middle of the table and let everyone try everything – on that note, getting a table is actually pretty hard, so you have to be lucky for that. Unfortunately my friends are from the weird kind and don’t like sharing their food, so that did not quite turn out in the way I wished. Nonetheless, especially during my first visit, I got to try several different things. My absolute favorite was the Cronut (see picture above). They sell them at a stall very close to the entrance, and the same stall also has conuts which are not too bad either – be prepared for a sugar rush afterwards! Another one of the highlights are the caramellized apples. I never actually bought one (shame on me), but they let you try it and it’s absolutely fantastic. I had both sweet and savoury crepes, and while the savoury one was not too bad, the sweet one was so much better! Absolutely loved it. Last one of my highlights was the butter chicken from one of the Indian stalls – so delicious. Lastly, next time I go there I really want to go for the Paella, it looked yummy and I miss good old Spanish food!

Have you ever been to the Eat Street Markets? What were your favourites?


xx, K (:


eat street markets_kairamkairam eat street markets_kairamkairam eat street markets_kairamkairam eat street markets_kairamkairam eat street markets_kairamkairam



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