#13 – A little bit of Germany (Brisbane Oktoberfest)

Hallihallo (:

What’s more cliché Bavarian than the Oktoberfest? And since we Austrians have quite a few things in common with our Southern German friends – among others our love for Oktoberfest as the perfect excuse to sing horrible German songs every person secretly knows and drink way too much beer – it was obvious that I had to check out the Brisbane version of the festival.

The proper Austrians we are, we wanted to start the day with a good old Weisswurst-breakfast – that’s that white, traditional sausage you get at every Oktoberfest around – well, every one except the one in Brisbane, but that’s fine. However, same as at the Brisbane Oktoberfest, we couldn’t find any of the sausages in all of Brisbane, which is why our pre-drinking was accompanied by some very non-German Nando’s. Worked just fine. After everybody was happy with their Oktoberfest-hairstyle (just try to put as many braids on your head as possible ;) ), we were ready to go and experience Oktoberfest. And I have to tell you, I was positively surprised. The tent was absolutely beautiful, they had the traditional tables and benches (although you were not able to stand and dance on them, which was a bummer), and they had quite a good selection of German and Austrian food. And their pretzels were absolutely delicious!

The one thing they however did mess up are the glasses. One of the major things about Oktoberfest is that you drink your beer out of your 1l glass, and that the insane waitresses manage to carry about ten of these glasses at once. At the Oktoberfest were neither 1l cups nor waitresses. And if you wanted a proper glass, you had to buy it. Nonetheless, the music was pretty fantastic and authentic, and the atmosphere in general was great. As an Austrian I found the Australian interpretation of Dirndl and Lederhosen rather fascinating – as advice for the future, Dirndl and stockings are not friends. They just don’t like to be seen on one person. And Lederhosen are supposed to be skin tight, so show us your legs, you guys!

All in all, if you want to experience the worst of German music, some pretty good beer and even better food, go check out Brisbane Oktoberfest – they did a pretty good job. Plus, they repeat all the songs quite often, so by the end of the night you’ll be a pro at singing along to Hulapalu. And yes, that’s actually the song’s name.

Prost, and have a good week!


xx, K (:


A little bit of Germany (Brisbane Oktoberfest)_kairamkairam

A little bit of Germany (Brisbane Oktoberfest)_kairamkairam A little bit of Germany (Brisbane Oktoberfest)_kairamkairam  A little bit of Germany (Brisbane Oktoberfest)_kairamkairam A little bit of Germany (Brisbane Oktoberfest)_kairamkairam


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