Light Pasta Salad

Hello my dears!

Today I’ve got another recipe for you. While I do realize that it probably is not what you would currently cook on the Northern hemisphere, on the other side of the world we are finally getting some warm weather, so I decided to try myself on a very summery take on some pasta. And since I loved it so much, I decided to share it with you, although it might be out of season for most of you. Plus, who knows, maybe there’s still some rebels around who want to skip the soup and rather eat summer food all year round. ;)



2 small pears
1 big mandarin orange
1/2 cucumber
100 grams feta cheese
powdered lemongrass
chili (optional)

light pasta salad_kairamkairam



This recipe is super quick, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. If you have the time, prepare your pasta a little earlier and pop it in the fridge to give it sufficient time to cool down, or use some leftover from the day before. Once your pasta is nice and cool, cut your pears, mandarin orange, cucumber and feta cheese into small pieces, and just mix everything together – make sure to not forget the herbs! If you want to you can add some walnuts – unfortunately I ran out, but they would make the recipe even better – or dressing, but I prefered it without the extra oil to have the perfect summer lunch.


And that’s it – the probably easiest and fastest recipe ever posted! In case you try it yourself, make sure to tag me on Instagram and Twitter under kairamkairam!


xx, K (:


light pasta salad_kairamkairam light pasta salad_kairamkairam


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