October Wishlist

I haven’t been shopping since what feels like forever, so I decided to spend my time procrastinating very productively and have a look at some of my favourite online shops. Sadly for my poor bank account, quite a few shops have some rather lovely pieces at the moment, which is why I had a pretty long wishlist within a very short time. And being the person I am, I want to share my favourite finds with you, just in case you were looking for some fashion inspiration. (:


october wishlist_kairamkairam
© Zara

Jumpsuit – Zara

I absolutely fell in love with this jumpsuit the minute I saw it. I have to admit, I am thinking about Christmas quite a lot already, and that would be the perfect piece to feel a little dressy during christmas season while not dying in the heat of summer. I feel like black and gold are just theses two colours which cannot be wrong for any kind of Christmas occasion, and if you pair it with some tights (my absolute winter staple) or some pretty boots you might even be able to pull it off during Christmas on the Northern hemisphere. But since it’s only October, I’ll now put away my chocolate Santa and stop talking about the festive season now. At least for this post.


october wishlist_kairamkairam
© Topshop

Lace Face Mask – Topshop

Suitable for a holiday that’s a little bit earlier, I foud this mask when looking for something I would actually wear for Halloween. I am never very creative when it comes to costumes, and unlike basically everyone in my surrounding, I am also not good at applying make-up or drawing stuff on my face, so this mask is the perfect alternative for me. Paired with a sleek black outfit and ideally some statement heels I still have to find, this mask counts as “I have dressed up” without requiring too much time (which I don’t really have at them moment, damn you finals) to think about a proper costume. Awesome!


october wishlist_kairamkairam
© River Island

Paisley Shorts – River Island

River Island is one of the shops I always have a little peak into when walking past. It does not exist back in Austria, but I knew it from all the British bloggers/vloggers, so I had to have a look when I realized it exists in Australia. And indeed, they have some quite lovely stuff. I feel like these shorts can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and since I have way too many black clothes in my cupboard, these would go with basically everything and add a bit of colour to my outfits. Plus, I have to become a little bolder again when it comes to my style, which at the moment basically consists out of jeans, converse and shirts or t-shirts. Sad, I know.


october wishlist_kairamkairam
© Forever 21

Fedora Hat – Forever 21

I am as pale as one can be, so ever since moving to Oz I’ve been looking for a pretty hat to save my nose from being constantly burnt. I was quite surprised that the first one I really liked was from Forever 21. I’m not quite sure why but I never looked passed their jewellery in the accessories section, so I was blown away by the fact that they actually have a pretty amazing range of all different types of hats. This one has a perfectly-sized brim and a colour that does not attract all the heat in the atmosphere (you don’t know how hard it is to resist the urge to buy a black hat, but I just know that even I would feel hot with a black thing on my head). And it manages to do all that while still looking both professional and a little girly. I’m blown away.

october wishlist_kairamkairam
© H&M Home

Cat Plate – H&M Home

It would not be one of my wishlists if there was not at least one piece of homeware in it. I actually wrote a whole post like this last year just about homeware, so in case you were assuming that I like buying bits and bobs for my flat, you were right. One thing that’s new however is that this is something that can actually be used. Usually I buy deco-sheep or deco-poodles or deco-pandas or deco-… – I think you get the drill, I have a problem when it comes to animals and decoration – but this time it’s a plate, so something that actually serves a purpose other than collecting dust. Plus, there’s cats on there, so how could I possibly say no?


october wishlist_kairamkairam
© Nike

Runners – Nike

Let’s be honest here, I don’t really run. I tried it a few times last year, thought I might start to like it, and after that point it just got worse and worse and I never picked it up again. However, I am hoping to do some travelling that involves a fair share of hiking in the summer, and since I don’t really want to buy another pair of hiking boots (my current one is perfectly save home in Austria, of course) I thought that that would be the perfect excuse to finally get a new pair of running shoes. I feel like runners just have to be colourful, and these ones look like they were knitted which is something I had not seen before and love.


october wishlist_kairamkairam
© Mango

Bag – Mango

As I told you before, my wardrobe basically consists out of black on black – and some clothes in weird colours that just never seem to go with anything which I wear when I just can’t be bothered. In order to make my black outfits look a little bit more exciting, this bag would be an awesome addition to my wardrobe. Plus, I just realized it’s the perfect bag for the festive season – soo sorry for talking about it again, can you tell I’m a christmas person? But it’s red, looks like Father Christmas’ bag and has some gold stars on it. How did I not realize that before?


october wishlist_kairamkairam
© Asos

Shirtdress – Asos

I used to wear quite a lot of dresses, but ever since living in Vienna I switched back to wearing mostly jeans. I’m not quite sure why, but I definitely want to give dresses another chance and I think this one is a good starting point. I love wearing shirts, and this one is made out of denim so it’s somehow close to some jeans, right? Even if I’m just making up stuff now, I really like the style of this and I think it would be the perfect thing to just put on quickly to go to uni or work.


What’s currently on your wishlist? Let me know, I always love to get some good inspirations!

xx, K (:


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