Lemon – Bok Choy Pasta

As summer is arriving in Queensland and the weather is finally getting what you would expect of Australia as a badly informed European, I have enjoyed cooking more summery foods. While my absolute favourite is watermelon with feta cheese – I know it sounds odd, but try it, trust me – I love adding quite a bit of lemon to basically all of my dishes at the moment. So of course it was only a matter of time until I featured a recipe with lemon on my blog. PS: If you want to try something (a little less healthy) to snack on, add some lemon to chips – best thing ever!

But now to the recipe. I’ve recently started to love spelt and whole wheat pasta as a more nutritious alternative to “traditional” pasta. I used to despise it and refused to eat the food when my mum sneakily added some whole wheat pasta to our lunch, but I have to say I really enjoy the taste of it now. Maybe it comes with age.


Ingredients (1 portion)

1/2 lemon
2 bok choi
3 hands of spelt/whole wheat pasta
1/2 cup of rice milk
ground ginger

lemon bok choy pasta_kairamkairam



As you probably expected this again is a very quick one. Firstly, get some salted water to boil and start cooking your pasta. I love using spelt or whole wheat pasta for this recipe as I feel like it just adds this special little extra to the taste, but of course you can use whichever pasta you like – or maybe even squoodles (even if it’s just because you love that word as much as I do).  Then, chop every part of your bok choy except for the very bottom into small pieces. Once your pasta is nearly done, put it into a pan and add the rice milk, the chopped bok choy, the lemon and the ground ginger. Let it simmer for a little while until your pasta is fully ccoked and your sauce is not too liquid-y anymore. Et voila – that’s everything. Super easy, but super healthy and super delicious!


What are your favourite spring/summer foods?

xx, K (:

lemon bok choy pasta_kairamkairam lemon bok choy pasta_kairamkairam lemon bok choy pasta_kairamkairam


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