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#18 & #19 – Endings and New Beginnings

The end isn’t near, it’s here. My first semester in Australia is officially over. And now I’m even more stressed than ever, therefore this post will be a super short one again. Sorry about that.

In two days I will start my travels to explore the amazing part of the world I am currently living in a little bit further, and I feel like nothing is planned. I have my flights and accommodation for the first nights booked, but apart from that I feel absolutely unprepared. How does one even prepare oneself for travels lasting three months? I don’t know what to pack, I don’t know how the get the stuff that stays in Brisbane into my other suitcase, and I have no idea how to budget best for this journey. Whenever I think about it, I remember about 50 things I still have to do, and I’m not quite sure how to fit them into my last two remaining days. So in case anyone of you has any tips on how to prepare for three months of backpacking, please do leave them in the comments, they are very much needed!

Additionally, thinking about returning to Brisbane after the summer feels odd. I think the city will feel very different once I come back after travelling, and I am a little scared that I won’t like it as much. I am moving out of my flat on Tuesday, and I will have to look for a new one during O-week, so wish me the best of luck for that, since I want to avoid having to stay in an absolute mess for the next year. In addition to a change of my home, most of my friends from this last semester will be graduating or going back to their home countries, so it feels a bit like moving into a new city again. Only good part is that now I already now where to get the good food. (:

I am not taking my laptop backpacking, so I’m not sure if I will post during my journey, but do feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram under kairamkairam to (hopefully) see some pretty picturs from along the way.

Apart from that, I thank you very much for joining me during this last semester, and I will now try to calm down my nerves and get stuff done!

Have a nice week!

xx, K (:


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#17 – Under Instruction

It’s swotvac! Well actually, it’s not anymore since I already had my first exam yesterday, but I just wanted to mention this word since I love it and my life at the moment does not really include anything more exciting than loving a word. Finals have me wandering between my couch and my bed (can’t study at the library, too many distractions), ignoring the urge to not do something fun as I would probably feel bad for not studying the whole time but eventually watching Downton Abbey. I was considering writing a post about how to survive your finals, but let’s face it, I’m not good at surviving my own ones, so who am I to give advice to others. My learning process mainly consists out of procrastinating, eating to procrastinate, freaking out and then cramming as much as possible into my head in a ridiculously short time. Worst of all, my attention span lasts about five minutes, so as soon as I go through one slide, I start to google things to do in Bali, and then spend the next 30 minutes on that topic, freaking out becase I am leaving for a three months holiday in a little over two weeks and have basically nothing planned. Just thinking now as I write about it makes me feel a little anxious again.

As you might already have figured out, I should be studying right now. I have a rather big final on Thursday morning, but for some reason since finishing yesterday’s exam I cannot find the motivation to go back to studying. So if anyone has got any tips on how to motivate yourself for studying, please do leave them in the comments, I could seriously need them right now!

Apart from studying, as I briefly mentioned before, I really started to love Downton Abbey. It was a horrible decision to start a new series when I am supposed to be studying, but I cannot change it anymore, right? I’ve always enjoyed history (which is why I chose it for my A levels although everyone was scared of our history teacher’s A level exams), and the series is so well-made that I just cannot stop watching it. The characters all have such interesting stories, are portrayed so well and the customes are just breath-taking. If it would not be 30°C in Queensland at the moment, I would love to run around in their dresses!

Slowly but steadily the weather in Brisbane is becoming the way an uninformed European expects Australian weather to be, and I have to admit I am a little sad that I won’t get to experience the real Brisbane summer as I will be travelling the South during the summer. Fingers crossed we will get an amazing autumn so I get to experience at least some of the warmth once I’m back, and in the meanwhile I’ll try to get as much sun on my balcony during study breaks. Horrible, isn’t it?

In case you also have finals (or midterms) coming up, I wish you all the best, you’re gonna rock it! Otherwise, I just wish you a great week!

xx, K (:

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#16 – The first lasts and Halloween

Hello my dears! After what feels like quite a while, we’re back to one of the traditional week.by.week posts talking about how I am and what I’ve been up to. I did however forget to take some nice pictres throughout the week, so I sincerely want to apologize for the lack of pretty pictures at the end. I did consider just using the ones on my Instagram but that didn’t quite feel right. But if you want to see a few pictures from my past week, feel free to head over there and check them out (:

This week left me with very mixed feelings. It was the last week at classes here at uni. I think it’s insane how time flies – my first semester here in Australia is nearly over! The last week was pretty busy with the (nearly) last assignments, and now I’m already busy studying, trying to cram as much content into my head as possible. I am incredibly sad that the majority of my friends will be graduating after this semester, and just the thought of having to look for an apartment again when O-week is already in session honestly freaks me out. On the other hand I am anxiously looking forward to travelling for three months. This will be the longest I’ve ever been on the road for, and I am super excited for everything I will hopefully get to see. At the same time scared if my money is going to last and if my travel companion and me will get along. But I’ll have to manage to pass all of my exams before that anyways, so there is not really that much point in worrying about it already – which is of course a lie, because my natural emotional status is “scared to death”, and that probably will not change until I am safely settled in again in Brisbane in March. Hopefully.

In case you missed it, it’s going to be Halloween on Monday. And since that’s the perfect excuse to celebrate the end of the semester, some friends – who will be leaving me at the end of the semester aswell, bastards – and I decided to dress up and go out. When we were walking through Brisbane we were initially confused. Although it was not the 31st of October, it was a Saturday and we were on our way to a Halloween party – but no one in the streets was dressed up! With everyone around us looking pretty in their heels and dresses we were left feeling a little out of place in our zombie makeup. It became a little better once we had actually reached the party, but people in Brisbane don’t seem to love Halloween as much as for example the lovely folks in Hong Kong. Bummer. But at least people recognized us rather quickly. :D
How has your week been?

xx, K (: