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Lemon – Bok Choy Pasta

As summer is arriving in Queensland and the weather is finally getting what you would expect of Australia as a badly informed European, I have enjoyed cooking more summery foods. While my absolute favourite is watermelon with feta cheese – I know it sounds odd, but try it, trust me – I love adding quite a bit of lemon to basically all of my dishes at the moment. So of course it was only a matter of time until I featured a recipe with lemon on my blog. PS: If you want to try something (a little less healthy) to snack on, add some lemon to chips – best thing ever!

But now to the recipe. I’ve recently started to love spelt and whole wheat pasta as a more nutritious alternative to “traditional” pasta. I used to despise it and refused to eat the food when my mum sneakily added some whole wheat pasta to our lunch, but I have to say I really enjoy the taste of it now. Maybe it comes with age.


Ingredients (1 portion)

1/2 lemon
2 bok choi
3 hands of spelt/whole wheat pasta
1/2 cup of rice milk
ground ginger

lemon bok choy pasta_kairamkairam



As you probably expected this again is a very quick one. Firstly, get some salted water to boil and start cooking your pasta. I love using spelt or whole wheat pasta for this recipe as I feel like it just adds this special little extra to the taste, but of course you can use whichever pasta you like – or maybe even squoodles (even if it’s just because you love that word as much as I do).  Then, chop every part of your bok choy except for the very bottom into small pieces. Once your pasta is nearly done, put it into a pan and add the rice milk, the chopped bok choy, the lemon and the ground ginger. Let it simmer for a little while until your pasta is fully ccoked and your sauce is not too liquid-y anymore. Et voila – that’s everything. Super easy, but super healthy and super delicious!


What are your favourite spring/summer foods?

xx, K (:

lemon bok choy pasta_kairamkairam lemon bok choy pasta_kairamkairam lemon bok choy pasta_kairamkairam

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#16 – The first lasts and Halloween

Hello my dears! After what feels like quite a while, we’re back to one of the traditional week.by.week posts talking about how I am and what I’ve been up to. I did however forget to take some nice pictres throughout the week, so I sincerely want to apologize for the lack of pretty pictures at the end. I did consider just using the ones on my Instagram but that didn’t quite feel right. But if you want to see a few pictures from my past week, feel free to head over there and check them out (:

This week left me with very mixed feelings. It was the last week at classes here at uni. I think it’s insane how time flies – my first semester here in Australia is nearly over! The last week was pretty busy with the (nearly) last assignments, and now I’m already busy studying, trying to cram as much content into my head as possible. I am incredibly sad that the majority of my friends will be graduating after this semester, and just the thought of having to look for an apartment again when O-week is already in session honestly freaks me out. On the other hand I am anxiously looking forward to travelling for three months. This will be the longest I’ve ever been on the road for, and I am super excited for everything I will hopefully get to see. At the same time scared if my money is going to last and if my travel companion and me will get along. But I’ll have to manage to pass all of my exams before that anyways, so there is not really that much point in worrying about it already – which is of course a lie, because my natural emotional status is “scared to death”, and that probably will not change until I am safely settled in again in Brisbane in March. Hopefully.

In case you missed it, it’s going to be Halloween on Monday. And since that’s the perfect excuse to celebrate the end of the semester, some friends – who will be leaving me at the end of the semester aswell, bastards – and I decided to dress up and go out. When we were walking through Brisbane we were initially confused. Although it was not the 31st of October, it was a Saturday and we were on our way to a Halloween party – but no one in the streets was dressed up! With everyone around us looking pretty in their heels and dresses we were left feeling a little out of place in our zombie makeup. It became a little better once we had actually reached the party, but people in Brisbane don’t seem to love Halloween as much as for example the lovely folks in Hong Kong. Bummer. But at least people recognized us rather quickly. :D
How has your week been?

xx, K (:

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6 Food Blogs You Should be Following

I’m pretty sure everyone has phases where they feel like they had the exact same three dishes for dinner throughout the past month. I’ve just had a month like this. I always wanted to try out new dishes but simply could not think of anything different to prepare other than my go-to meals. I was stuck in a rut. And I wanted to get out of it, so I decided to check out some food blogs. Before that point I had never checked blogs for dinner inspiration – which is pretty odd since I love food and blogs, so I have no idea how I did not make that connection. And turns out, I absolutely love it! I tend to use the recipes as an inspiration for my own cooking rather than repeating them step by step, however, the fun of cooking is that you can just do whatever you feel like – combine different recipes and improvise, or prepare your food exactly like it’s written – everything is possible. Oh, and before I forget it, the order is random, I love them all!


Where to Look for Food Inspiration_kairamkairam

The First Mess

The First Mess has been created by Laura, an Ontario-based chef. Laura loves plant-based and seasonal recipes, so if that sounds like you, she will be right up your street. While I’m not a vegan, I do enjoy plant-based food quite often and Laura’s recipes are the perfect source of inspiration for that. My personal favourites are the garden keeper’s pie, the butternut orecchiette pasta and the golden chana masala.



Where to Look for Food Inspiration_kairamkairam

Jamie Oliver

I know, I know, this is definitely not the most creative person to follow. I never really used to like Jamie Oliver, but I stumbled across one of his videos on Youtube the other day and I realized that he actually cooks some pretty amazing things. So I checked out his website and I honestly was swept off my feet. In addition to what seems like a never-ending supply of recipes you can find some nutritional advice and other handy bits and bobs on there. So don’t be a snob and go check him (and his writers) out! Oh, and my favourites are the green veggie fritters, the squash, stilton & walnut rolls and the veggie moussaka.



Where to Look for Food Inspiration_kairamkairam

Green Kitchen Stories

As you might guess from the food blogs I am following, I am trying to eat rather healthy-ish at the moment. (And in case you were wondering, I’m actually doing better than I expected :D). David and Luise focus on healthy and simple vegetarian food, and they are doing a pretty amazing job at creating delicious food without a 10 page ingredients list. My favourites are the beetroot & millet burgers, shakshuka and their take on combining Smorrebrod with basically everything.



Where to Look for Food Inspiration_kairamkairam

Donal Skehan

I actually found Donal on Jamie Oliver’s Youtube channel, and as soon as I heard his Irish accent talking about chocolate cake, I fell in love with him: ;) But joking aside, he offers quite an amazing range of food on his website – from dessert to salad to mains, you can find basically everything you might be looking for. While his international recipes might not be the most authentic ones – I’m pretty sure his goulash makes every Hungarian hate him – the recipes are tasty and definitely a great source for inspiration. My three favourites from his side are the breakfast burritos, the bi bim bap and the three ingredient banana ice-cream.



Where to Look for Food Inspiration_kairamkairam

Buzzfeed Food

While I am very well aware of the fact that Buzzfeed is not exactly a blog in any way, Buzzfeed Food has become one of my main inspirational sources when it comes to dinner ideas. While there are loads of other content on the page, they have the occasional list here and there which states heaps of recipes for every occasion. The only bad thing is that these lists all have insanely long titles, so for this post they’ll just be called pick 1, pick 2 (vegan), and pick 3 (best for bonfires).



Where to Look for Food Inspiration_kairamkairam

Sweet Potato Soul

I love sweet potatoes, so how could I not put a blog called Sweet Potato Soul on my list? See, impossible. Again a vegan blog – somehow most healthy blogs tend to be vegan or vegetarian, market gap right there – Jenné has a wide selection especially of healthy sweet stuff and of course sweet potatoes. My faves are the maple mustard tempeh buddha bowl, the no bake coconut cupcakes and a vegan take on macaroni and cheese – although I have to admit that I would use normal cheese for that one.


Who are your favourite food bloggers? Or do you have other ways to find food inspiration? Let me know!


xx, K (: