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Christmas Gift Guide – Parents’ Edition

I know, I know what you will say: isn’t it a little bit too early to be thinking about Christmans presents? Well, the answer is yes – unless you are unlike me one of these super-organized people, so in that case – good for you, keep going!  However, I will be travelling starting next week and won’t have access to a laptop, so I kind of had to start planning a little bit in advance. And since I always feel like my parent are the hardest people to buy for since they wish for nothing really, I thought I shared my ideas with you. In case you are or will be facing the same dilemma – whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukka or a birthday.


parents gift guide_kairamkairam

Family Tree Print
I have this thing with trees. I was born in a region that is even called the “forest region”, so nothing means home to me as much as trees. Whenever I feel homesick, I look for the next national park with loads of wood, and I feel home again. Plus, what better represents the strong bonds between a family than the branches of a tree? So, as you might have guessed, I absolutely love this print by Allihopa. It looks fabulous, and it’s a nice little thing for your parents to put on their wall and look pretty without being too tacky.


parents gift guide_kairamkairam
a little craft in your day
parents gift guide_kairamkairam
Little House of Four

My Mum is a horrible person to buy presents for. She does not want you to spend money on her, but she loves presents that show her that you actually thought about what to give and put in some effort. (I inherited that trait, so I sincerely apologize to anyone who ever had or has to get me a present). I feel like quite a few parents are like that, but unfortuately as a grown up it is no longer acceptable to scribble a house and a christmas tree on a piece of paper and present it together with a nice poem under the Christmas tree. Which is why I tend to spend quite a lot of time on Pinterest. This year’s inspiration comes from Little House of Four and A little Craft in Your Day. My main criteria is that the stuff looks pretty, is somewhat useful and easy to make (let’s face it, I’ll never be good at DIY), but make sure to chose your DIY based on things that your parents love, so all your effort does not go to waste.


parents gift guide_kairamkairam

Time – the constant struggle. I am pretty sure no one spends as much time with their parents as we should. I feel like everyone should spend at least some time with their parents over the holidays. Of course it would be awesome to spend that time in person, but if that’s not possible, at least make sure your parents know you think about them with a letter, postcard, phonecall – or all of them. You can also give them some of your time as a gift – bake a cake with your mum, help your dad with some gardening (and yes I am using extreme stereotypes, but I cannot think of anything else at the moment, so sorry) or invite them over to some afternoon tea at your place. I am pretty sure they will not appreciate any other present as much as your time.


parents gift guide_kairamkairam

Chocolate, Socks and a Tie
If everything else fails, go back to the basics. When my brother and me were teenagers, we were not really creative when it came to presents, so that’s what our parents got. We took it so far that it became a tradition, so now they get disappointed if they don’t get their traditional Christmas chocolate. Although now I would get them another present in addition to these ones. Even if they are really cool socks.


parents gift guide_kairamkairam
3d laser gifts

Family Picture
At the very end, another one of the nostalgic presents. You could get your siblings together and have a nice photoshoot or get your friend’s good camera and take new pictures yourself. Or you could just use a photo you already have and put it in a pretty frame – and maybe even use your amazing DIY skills to make it extra special. Of course, you can also go fancy and put your pretty faces into a bit of glass like the one from 3D Laser Gifts. Just do whatever feels best for you – and double-check your picture, your sibing won’t appreciate having a horrible picture of himself hanging on the wall for the next five years, just because you only checked your own face – oopsie.


I hope this was helpful for everyone desperately thinking about what to give to your parents. And in case you’re not feeling the christmas spirit yet – put on some festive music and go to a shopping center, there Christmas is all around. ;)

xx, K (: